Rage Against THIS Machine.

Day 41

Today's nails are monsters of industry, machine inspired nails that allowed me to use my new holographic awesomeness that is China Glaze Holographic Polish in OMG. Its soooo pretty. I know I'm behind on this bandwagon, but I recently just got back into nail polish again, so I managed to snag it courtesy of Amazon.com. WOO!

I used China Glaze OMG as a base, with China Glaze Liquid Leather mixed with the OMG for shading, and alone for lines and dots. For lights and wires I used China Glaze Salsa for the red, Color Club Art Club in Green for the green, and Sally Hansen HD Hi Definition Nail Color in Yellow for the yellow.

Should I cut the red wire.... or the green?


  1. I'm with you. I am such a sucker for holos. OMG is a great one- and check out Nubar Reclaim (I'm wearing it now...) It's a medium green holo! I've never seen anything else like it. It's very glowy and cool. I wish some enterprising polish company would do a dark green holo- I've never seen one of those, either. Maybe I'll try to franken one. Anyway, thanks for your posts; they rock! Awesome blog idea...

  2. Dude, I will have to check out that NUBAR one, and yes, I concur, a dk. green one would kick asssssss. if you manage to franken one, lmk the recipe! lol

  3. You should go into business painting nails! They're so cool!
    Check out my blog "whatsyouropiniononmyopinion.blogspot.com"
    Long, eh?

  4. I've just recently started ACTUALLY looking at all of these, you are quite talented, I must say. I've never even thought of anyone doing their nails daily like this, lol. My little sister would probably get a good kick out of it seeing as she likes to paint her nails all the time, just not like you, ahhaahahaha.

  5. I love seeing what you do on these. I would never have the patience, or time.

    I wish you lived in Boston and would make my nails cool.

    Can't wait to see the festive turkey nails

  6. OMG is so pretty! I love holos!

  7. Thank you everyone!!!

    Anon- I DID end up buying Nubar Reclaim (and Nature, and Purple Beach, and Peacock Feathers, and Forest) ARGH! :-P

    Photographs n white- thanks! Show it to her, I'd love to hear what she thinks!!

    Apryl- I've never even BEEN to Boston! I'd love to go though, and if I do- I'll paint your nails!! :-P

    gildedangel- I've recently discovered (and fallen in love with) holos, they are AMAZING. It amazes me how they can get that appearance without chunks of glitter.

  8. WOW! I love these. I have a gorgeous "Stargazer" chrome nail polish that I may just try this with. Go for the Fritz Lang "Metropolis" type thing.
    Check my blog on scary life in Germany here: Wie, Bitte?.

  9. ....all this time,energy and effort...about finger nails? Good greif...no wonder Americans are thought of as spoiled,lazy,shallow poeple!

  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOW ! it's maizinh - made in brazil

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