Back Off PETA, they're faux!

Day 23

Today's nails didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped, the texture was VERY noticeable right after I did them, but now it is really subtle. I tried to do a snakeskin effect by placing tulle over the nail and pressing it in when the polish wasn't completely dry, but it didn't quite turn out very well. Nevertheless... here you are.

I used Zoya Pasha as a base, which is gorgeous, I love the frostiness of it, it looks so luxe when it's on. I layered a wide stripe of Zoya Charlize with a thinner stripe of OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede on top. I waited a bit for it to dry, then I pressed the tulle into it and pulled it off carefully.

Also, the elusive inside-out OREO....


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