Around Vegas on 10 Nails a Day :)

Day 35

Hey all! Today for those of you not near or who haven't been to Vegas, I'm bringing Vegas to you- on my nails! Some of the biggest (or most recognizable) attractions/Casinos here in Vegas are the subject for today's nail- a different nail for each one.

Left Pinky: Wynn

Used: Zoya Angelina as base. Used Migi Nail Art Pens for the white.

Left Ring: PALMS Casino

Used: Zoya Savita matte as a base, with Migi Nail Art Pens for the logo.

Left Middle: LUXOR at night/sunset

Used: OPI Banana Bandana as a base, with Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in 06 Sun Kissed, OPI Green-wich Village, China Glaze For Audrey and Zoya Indigo stippled on with a dry fluffy brush to create the sunset effect. Zoya Raven for the LUXOR pyramid, and Migi Nail Art Pens for detail.
Left Index: Caesars Palace Logo

Used: China Glaze 2030 from Khrome Collection as a base, with Zoya Angelina
and Zoya Dakota mixed for the logo.

Left Thumb: Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Used: China Glaze For Audrey as a base, China Glaze White on White for the sign, and Migi Nail Art Pens for the details.

Right Thumb: Paris Balloon

Used: Zoya Raven as a base, with Migi Nail Art Pens for the line work.

Right index: Excalibur turrets

Used: Zoya Raven as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the turrets, China Glaze Salsa for the red roof, and Ultra Pro in Blue Blaze
for the blue roof.

Right middle: Bellagio Fountains

Used: Zoya Raven as a base, with China Glaze For Audrey and China Glaze White on White for the water streams.

Right Ring: Circus Circus Clown's Lollipop

Used: Zoya Trixie
as a base, with China Glaze Shocking Pink over top. Used Migi Nail Art Pens for the sucker.

Right Pinky: Stratosphere

Used: China Glaze For Audrey as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the tower, and mixed with Zoya Raven
for the grey and shading.

Dang. That's a lot. *phew*


  1. You're like the coolest person ever.

  2. Respect! I love your nails! Well done for making it on the BON

  3. Nice blog (and logo)!!!

  4. How you find the time or the patience, I don't know — but your poker designs are adorable!

  5. Thank you so much guys!!!

    DaisyMoo- the BON? What is that?

  6. Congratulations of being today's Blog of Note on Blogger! You have a very cool blog! You're so creative.

  7. OMG thats so cool! I didn't even know! Thanks and thanks for letting me know!!

  8. I am in awe of your nails! So awesome!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on being Blog of Note.

    Google loves you!

    Cheers and best regards from Canada.


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  12. Wow! All that trouble and great results too, I must say. Congrats for being Blog of Note.

  13. excellent excellent marverlous terriffic

  14. Well dear, Congratulations of being today's Blog of Note on Blogger! You have a very cool blog! You're so creative.

  15. cute great try well done!

  16. Congrats on Blog of Note! What a cool blog! :)

  17. I have a friend from College who studied art and she used to paint these designs on to her nails and sometimes used to do mine with such precision and raw talent. Also, what really surprised me is that she would used the same brush from the nail polish and was able to paint the finest line or the thickest strokes with it. Of course I tried it once and I can't paint anyway so I knew that I am not talented in that way.

    I have an idea that will help you with your goal of painting a new design each day...How about painting one country flag each day, starting with your own country flag and then working your way through them one by one. I think that would be really good.

  18. Thank heavens I'm male and do not have to (???) disimprove (phrased carefully) (???) my fingernails... ;-))

    But more or less everything is a matter of taste... enjoy your daily artwork / finger exercises!

    Regards from the other side of the big pond,


  19. Are you damn serious?! Your "masterpieces" look like children designed them during a weekend of Vacation Bible school, better YET, it's worst than the SEX SCENE on "Howard the Duck"!!!!....JUST TERRIBLE!

    Clearly your "fanbase" must talentless women who apparently don't KNOW half about "ART" because anyone who feels THIS is art EXCELLENT, CREATIVE and ingenious is obviously BLIND & a's TERRIBLE!!!! Simply terrible.

    And to think you have some 246 destined followers & you're a newbie that "Blog of Notes" has nominated as "great" a pure joke. I've seen MORE refreshing ideas hidden in a teen's diary then YOUR blog. At this POINT YOU need to go to your nearest library and pick up a "Art for Dummies" need it BADLY.

  20. First of all Congrats to be selected as "Blog of Note".

    Nice collection of nails all the way on your blog.

  21. Karen - it appears to me this blog was started as a "fun" project - not as an art "masterpiece" reproduction - lighten up!!

  22. Anonymous said...
    Karen - it appears to me this blog was started as a "fun" project - not as an art "masterpiece" reproduction - lighten up!!

    ...and it "appears" to me, you must be ONE prime example playing incogntio that Im speaking of. Don't mix FACTS in with justifications.....I'm just speaking the truth. Now, GET enlighten :)

  23. This is fun! LOVE the ninja nails! It makes me want to take care of my nails more hahah.

    Do you paint over fake nails or are those your real nails?

    Ignore people that take life/BLOGS too seriously :P

  24. This is what we call art.
    Could you give me some tips as a beginner?

  25. Karen Adams, jealous much?? Isn't the internet great, you can spew miserable elitist BS without regard to feelings or repercussions.

    Do you have credentials or a portfolio to share to back up your critique? Heck, I think the paintings by the "greats" in art (Picasso, etc) all look like kindergardeners were let loose with fingerpaint.

    I think the blog is incredibly fun and I look forward to new entries everyday. Keep up the good work!!

  26. Beautiful - you should be making 'how to' vids for you tube - you would get zillions of followers,

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  29. That Karen is a nasty bitch.
    don't mind her.

  30. Karen Adams - You need to relax. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Just because she is doing her own thing and people happen to like what she is doing and happen to give her props doesn't mean you need to tear her down for no good reason! I wonder if you have children...would you consider your child's kindergarten artwork just "terrible" because it wasn't considered real "art" in your eyes. Art is about expression and creativity. I have not seen anyone else with the creativity to come up with this idea. I said it before and I'll say it again, Art is in the eyes of the beholder! Just because her art is too ascinine for your tastes doesn't mean that others feel the same. Why don't you just stop tearing people down because they are actually adding a little bit of light in an otherwise dreary world? You seem to need to take the stick out of your but and get a freaking clue! No one wants your opinions!

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