I am the Last Barman Poet

I am the last barman poet.
I see America drinking
the fabulous cocktails I make,
Americans getting stinky
on something I stir or shake.

The Sex on the Beach,
the schnapps made from peach,
the Velvet Hammer,
the Alabama Slammer!

I make things with juice and froth,
the Pink Squirrel,
the three-toed sloth.

I make drinks so sweet and snazzy,
the Iced Tea, the Kamikaze,
the Orgasm, the Death Spasm,
the Singapore Sling,
the Ding-a-ling.

America, you've just been devoted
to every flavor I've got.
But if you want to get loaded,
why don't you just order a shot?!

Bar is OPEN.

-Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise- Cocktail, 1988)

I LOVE this movie, and I think it's part to blame for my stint as a bartender (which I miss). Anyway, I saw it on TV today, and of course I stopped everything I was doing to be sucked into the horrible mess that is Cocktail. (such a sweet, sweet mess) Seriously, who can resist godawful lines like 'Champagne, perfume going in, sewage coming out'? It's a movie that you hate to love, or love to hate. :-D Today's nails are dedicated to this gem of a movie, specifically the poem he recites in the 'Cell Block' scene. I had that stupid poem memorized at one point, and no, I'm not ashamed to admit it. ;) I did the Cocktail logo, an Alabama Slammer, a Velvet Hammer, a Sex on the Beach, and a shot (of Jack). 

I used:

Thumb: Cocktail sign

Eyeko Indigo Polish for Sultry Nails as a base, with Essie Foot Loose for the logo.

Index: Alabama Slammer

Revlon Mad About Mango as a base, then mixed with American Apparel Summer Peach for the froth. Zoya Jancyn for the orange, and CND Electric Orange for the orange peel, then China Glaze Salsa for the cherry. Mixed Revlon Mad About Mango with American Apparel Pinto and American Apparel Summer Peach for the ice cube highlights and shadows, then used American Apparel Hassid for the background.

Middle: Velvet Hammer

American Apparel California Trooper as a base, with Essie Mink Muffs sponged over it. Essie Sag Harbor for the shape of the glass, and American Apparel Hassid for the background.

Ring: Sex on the Beach

Zoya Jancyn as a base, with a mixture of Zoya Jancyn and China Glaze Salsa sponged over it. For the orange, I used Zoya Jancyn, CND Electric Orange for the peel, and American Apparel Summer Peach for the pith. Again for the cherry, I used China Glaze Salsa, then I used American Apparel Hassid for the background.

Pinky: Shot of Jack Daniels

Mixture of American Apparel Manila and American Apparel Pinto for the liquor, then outlined the glass with Essie Sag Harbor. Background color was American Apparel Hassid.

Topped everything with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat

Coughlin's Law: Beer is for breakfast, 'round here, drink or be gone.

Disclosure: Eyeko Indigo Polish was sent to me for consideration by the manufacturer.


  1. So CUTE! Great job... these are adorable!

  2. haha love it. Just had my 21st birthday too lol just in time

  3. love it! The funny part about sex on the beach is that was my first alcoholic drink when I turned 21 that i didnt even get to finish because I fell and broke my ankle and leg on my way from the bar back to the dance floor!

  4. I LOVE that movie! Awesome nails!

  5. Loves it! Good movie choice too!

  6. I'm glad some companies are sending you polish to use - you are definitely a good advertiser!! I've gotten into Konad & bundle monster, as well as quadrupled my polish collection, all thanks to you!
    PS- that sex on the beach looks delicious!!

  7. Hi! I love the art on the ring fingernail! :P


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