Great Form-ica!

Every Monday night, I am part of a bowling league here in Vegas, I was talked into joining a bunch of my old co-workers for a 10-week league, which ending up REALLY being 17 weeks. I'm giving you the evil eye, Guererro. Anyway, the league has actually been a blast, and I've met a bunch of people that are NORMAL, which is exceptionally hard to find in Las Vegas. John, I PROMISE that I'll make your damn Snickerdoodles, maybe next week. :-P Anyway, today's nails are bowling themed, they actually match the formica tops at the bowling alley where the league is! :)

The formica top:

My nails on the table (don't mind the cry cuticles, they were screaming for lotion after an hour or so of bowling):

The nails:

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with American Apparel Factory Grey sponged over it to make the background texture. For the line art of the pins and balls, I used Orly Snowcone for the blue, Massini Power Pack for the pink, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Spring Green for the green. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. Great job! :) Today I had this really long overly serious talk at a bowling alley of all places and sat there staring at this exact table the whole time thinking that it was cute and wondering how I could sneak one out of there! Weird coincidence!

  2. Amazing!!
    I love your blog!! :)
    (From Spain! :D)

  3. How did you manage to keep your nails in good condition after bowling?? I always break mine after playing! :)

  4. Very nice! I love formica, especially in the famed Boomerang patterns. So much fun.

  5. Do you hold the bowling balls granny style to keep from breaking your nails? Ha, I am thinking of you doing that and it is cracking me up!

  6. Our bowling alley has the same countertops! My boyfriend is a league bowler and I have spent a lot of time looking at that pattern.


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