My Spidey senses are tingling...

Day 18

So, yeah, class was rough to get to this morning after partying for Halloween last night. Boy was it worth it though, we made all sorts of yum chocolates.. I made these candies called Toucans, they were white chocolate mango passionfruit ganache centers enrobed in white chocolate, but they were prism shaped and the molds were airbrushed with red cocoa butter on one side and yellow on the other, they were delicious AND pretty, and very very shiny- they looked like they had 50 layers of topcoat! :-P

And under a UV light.... I love neons. Looks very monster-y. :)

Today's nails are sadly the last of the Halloween-themed nails for this year... they are webs...on the web. :)

I used Sally Girl polish in a neon/fluorescent orange, and I drew on the lines with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black. Love those things, which the colors were better and more varied.

Trick or Treat!

I've Gone Dotty!

Day 17

Today's nails were done to match my costume... I'm a Lichtenstein!! Dots all around.. :)

I used China Glaze White on White as a base with China Glaze Salsa for the dots. :)

Happy early Halloween!!

Under the Moon's Glow

Day 16

I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright!

Fantabulous movie.

Day 5 of Halloween-themed nails! Moon silhouettes! Everything from witches on their brooms to black cats, graveyards, bats and the hill from Nightmare Before Christmas!!

I used OPI Banana Bandana as a base with Hot Topic Glow in the Dark over it to make the moons gloooooowwww. For the dark, I used Zoya Indigo, which is a VERY pretty color, a deep metallic blue with subtle sparkle, it is quite opaque too, I was pleasantly surprised. Go Zoya! For the cat, I used a Konad plate from the Coraline set, the rest were hand painted.

What scares you when the moon is full..... Oogie Boogie maybe?

It Puts the Lotion on the Skin....

Day 15

Haha, I considered using another classic line from Buffalo Bill in 'Silence of the Lambs' but I figured it a tad inappropriate.. :-P Funny, but distasteful!

Day 4 of Halloween-themed nails! Sewn together skin- light skin, dark skin, tanned skin, I even threw a little zombie flesh in the mix. :-P The doctor that did this stitch job apparently needs a tad more practice....

I used Zoya Charlize
, Zoya Gretchen, both of which work well for fleshtones, Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme, and a Sally Girl polish for the green I didnt get a chance to look this morning, I'll add it to the post later! :) I used Zoya Dakota to go over the seams with blood, and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the stitches. :)

In the words of the immortal Jame Gumb... "Put the f-ing lotion in the basket!"

I Vant to Suck Your BLOOOOD!

Day 14

Eek!! My cuticles are so dry they're bleeding!! Ok, jk :-P a tiny vampire did manage to bite my thumb though.

Day 3 of Halloween-themed nails! Spooky!! Gruesome! Delicious! (depending on who you're talking to- Eric, my love?)<----true Blood reference... Alexander Skarsgård....*DROOL*

I used Zoya Charlize over Zoya Gretchen to give an opaque fleshy look, then used Zoya Dakota for the 'blood'. :)

Sending the heebie-jeebies your way! :)

I Want my MUMMY!!

Day 13

Day 2 of Halloween nails- MUMMIES!! 5 more days until Halloween! WOOOO!

I love halloween, it's my 2nd favorite holiday (only Thanksgiving comes first....yum!!), so I am really loving doing these Halloween themed nails. Hope y'all do too! :-P

I used OPI Ghostess With the Mostess from the ULTA Glow Get a Treat mini set as a base, aged it up a little with Zoya Gretchen, OPI Banana Bandana, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques brushed on with a dry flat artist paintbrush. I drew on the lines with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black, these pens are fantastic for detail work, but not for large areas, they tend to crack as they dry. On the bright side, though, they are on sale for 2/$10 this week at Walgreen's! :) I have them in red (which is metallic), black (matte), hot pink (matte), and silver (metallic and watery). For the eyes I used China Glaze Salsa and OPI Green-wich Village over China Glaze White on White to make the colors pop more.

Have a mischievous Monday!!

Beware of what Glows in the Dark!

Day 12

Today is the first day of my Halloween-themed nails that I'll be doing this week! I decided to do eyes that glow in the dark on black nails, unfortunately, since glow in the dark nail polish has to be über-thick to glow, you can see the eyes in the light, too. Disappointing, but they still look cool I think, although maybe I'll paint a neon green underneath the eyes if I do it again.

Only 6 more days until Halloween!!!

I used China Glaze Liquid Leather as a base with Sally Girl U Glow Girl for the eyes.


You Don't Know Jacques in Lincoln Park After Dark!

Day 11

Hey all! Today we got out of chocolate class later than usual, busy day!! Sorry for the crappy cuticles- dishwashing in class'll do that. :) Today's nails are simple, since I didn't have a whole lot of time in between class and other duties. I hope you still like it though!!

I used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte as a base with OPI You Don't Know Jacques Suede on the tips. :)

Have a great Saturday!! (What's left of it!)

Matte and 'Khrome'

Day 10

Today's nails are relatively simple, I've been overdoing it lately, and putting too many things on my plate that need to get done, so an early bedtime was required last night... However, I still think that they turned out pretty rad! :) They kinda look like wallpaper to me....

I used OPI You Don't Know Jacques Matte for a base, with China Glaze Metallic Muse for the design with Konad Plate m64. I really like the China Glaze Metallic Muse, the new KHROMES are super opaque and work amazing for Konad.

Thanks for looking! Happy nails!

I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll All Niiiiight! (and Party Every Day)

Day 9

KISS inspired nails today!! I love KISS, and totally hope to meet Gene Simmons one day. PLUS, their makeup is totally fun and interesting looking... so I thought I'd try it on my nails!! :)

I used China Glaze White on White as a base, with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the line work filled in with Zoya Raven, Zoya Trixie for the silver parts, China Glaze Salsa for all the red, and OPI Green-wich Village for the green around the eyes on the pinky.


Day 8

Today's nails are painted with that crazy Simpsons family! I have always loved the show, so I thought I'd give them a whirl on my nails! Also, today is one of the rare instances that I don't do the same thing on my right hand, so I'm posting a picture of that hand too- its the opening credits of the show!!

I used Zoya Pippa for the base, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the linework, China Glaze White on White for the eyes, clouds, and Lisa's Necklace, China Glaze Salsa for Bart's shirt, Marge's necklace, "The Simpsons", and Maggie's pacifier, Zoya Pippa mixed with OPI You Don't Know Jacques for Homer's stubble, China Glaze For Audrey for the background, and Ultra Pro in Blue Blaze for Marge's hair.

Phew!! that was a lot!

I hope you like it!!


Day 7

Todays nails are inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian, a Dutch artist whose art consisted of a white background, upon which was painted a grid of black lines and primary colors (blue, yellow, and red).

I used a different technique, where I masked off what I didn't want painted white or colored with painters tape over black polish. It turned out a little messy, so I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I may try it a few more times to test it out with varying conditions.

I used Zoya Raven as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the white, China Glaze Salsa for the red, and Zoya Pippa for the yellow, and Konad Special Polish in Blue for the blue.

Glitter is what Matte-rs.

Day 6

Hey there!! Really simple one today, was a hectic weekend, and I needed to get to bed early! I started to do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones, but was too shaky, so they looked bad. I wasted a lot of time trying to make them look nice, so all I had time for was something easy for today's post.

I used Zoya Veruschka for the base, which is one of their new mattes, and it is SO pretty- I might try it with a top coat, because it looks amazing when it it still wet. I also used Zoya Astra, which is one of their new Ultra Glitters- it only takes TWO coats for solid sparkly goodness!

The Animal in Me Came Out!

Day 5

Hey all!! As a tribute to the fantabulous show the Lion King, which I finally got a chance to go see last night (IT WAS AMAZING!), I decided to do an animal print, zebra to be exact! :) This also incorporates the white from the Halloween OPI set, which I had a request from AnDREa to do something with the glow-in-the-dark polish from the set, Ghostess with the Mostess.

in the light:

in the dark:

I used OPI Ghostess with the Mostess for the base with Zoya Raven on Konad Plate m57 for the zebra stripes. :)

Hope you like it!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Day 4

Sorry today's post is so late, I have class on Saturday, don't get home until 2, and can't wear nail polish to class, so posts will be later on Saturdays! :)

Today's nails were inspired by the fact that I am going to see The Lion King tonight- I am SO incredibly excited!!!!

I did the lion logo for the show on my thumb, but did african art that I found online, animal print, and a Serengeti sunset on one.

I used: Zoya Pippa as a base, Zoya Angelina for all the line work, China Glaze Salsa for the red parts of the designs, and China Glaze Purple (the sticker fell off, it's a neony purple with sparkles) for the purple parts of the designs, and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in 06 Sun Kissed for the orange sunset on the index finger.

I also used Konad Plate m57 for the animal print. :)

Thanks for looking! Hakuna Matata!

Somethin's a Little Fishy....

Day 3

Today's design was semi-hurried, things have been hectic lately, having a friend to visit this weekend, so this week has been a lot of late nights cleaning- so I was in a rush at 12:30 a.m. to get this done, so I apologize for it being semi-sloppy!

I used Zoya Charlize for the base, Zoya Raven for the stockings, and Zoya Posh Matte for the back seam on the 'stockings'. The stocking patterns were on Konad image plate m57, it is a mix of the lace edge, and the fishnet pattern.

If any of you lovelies have any designs or color combinations you'd like me to try- just let me know!

Flame ONNNN!

Day 2

Ok, sorry for the Fantastic 4 reference, but it had to be said.

Another water marbling design today, I totally dig this method, but I promise I'll do something different for tomorrow!!

I used:

Zoya Pippa as a base, with Zoya Dakota, OPI Pumped Up Pumpkin
from the OPI mini halloween set I got from ULTA for $2.99!!, and Sinful Colors Serena & Chloe for the swirls. In retrospect, though, glittered nail polish doesn't work very well for this technique.

This One is for All the Marbles!

Day 1

This is my very first attempt at water marbling, an effect created by dropping and swirling nail polish on the surface of tepid water, and plunging your finger in.

This was done at around 1 am, so it's far from perfect! :-P

Still working on getting my cuticles not to suck... any tips would be great!

I used:

Zoya Charlize as a base (3 coats gave a sufficiently opaque look) with Zoya Dakota, Zoya Goldie, and MAC Rich, Dark & Delicious for the swirls.