Somethin's a Little Fishy....

Day 3

Today's design was semi-hurried, things have been hectic lately, having a friend to visit this weekend, so this week has been a lot of late nights cleaning- so I was in a rush at 12:30 a.m. to get this done, so I apologize for it being semi-sloppy!

I used Zoya Charlize for the base, Zoya Raven for the stockings, and Zoya Posh Matte for the back seam on the 'stockings'. The stocking patterns were on Konad image plate m57, it is a mix of the lace edge, and the fishnet pattern.

If any of you lovelies have any designs or color combinations you'd like me to try- just let me know!


  1. hey i think you should try something glow in the dark with the halloween ulta mini nail polishes...

  2. AnDREa, Konad is this rad nail stamping system, Check out to see the plates and instructions how to do it and stuff. If you use code 'SCRANGIE' you get 30% off and if you spend over $20, you get free shipping.

  3. how are u supposed to do this???


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