I Want my MUMMY!!

Day 13

Day 2 of Halloween nails- MUMMIES!! 5 more days until Halloween! WOOOO!

I love halloween, it's my 2nd favorite holiday (only Thanksgiving comes first....yum!!), so I am really loving doing these Halloween themed nails. Hope y'all do too! :-P

I used OPI Ghostess With the Mostess from the ULTA Glow Get a Treat mini set as a base, aged it up a little with Zoya Gretchen, OPI Banana Bandana, and OPI You Don't Know Jacques brushed on with a dry flat artist paintbrush. I drew on the lines with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black, these pens are fantastic for detail work, but not for large areas, they tend to crack as they dry. On the bright side, though, they are on sale for 2/$10 this week at Walgreen's! :) I have them in red (which is metallic), black (matte), hot pink (matte), and silver (metallic and watery). For the eyes I used China Glaze Salsa and OPI Green-wich Village over China Glaze White on White to make the colors pop more.

Have a mischievous Monday!!

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