My Spidey senses are tingling...

Day 18

So, yeah, class was rough to get to this morning after partying for Halloween last night. Boy was it worth it though, we made all sorts of yum chocolates.. I made these candies called Toucans, they were white chocolate mango passionfruit ganache centers enrobed in white chocolate, but they were prism shaped and the molds were airbrushed with red cocoa butter on one side and yellow on the other, they were delicious AND pretty, and very very shiny- they looked like they had 50 layers of topcoat! :-P

And under a UV light.... I love neons. Looks very monster-y. :)

Today's nails are sadly the last of the Halloween-themed nails for this year... they are webs...on the web. :)

I used Sally Girl polish in a neon/fluorescent orange, and I drew on the lines with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black. Love those things, which the colors were better and more varied.

Trick or Treat!


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  2. I love your blog!! Its so fun to read it and wonder what ou r gonna do next! In my blog I comment on other blogs and yours is my first... if you wanna read it :

  3. OH MAN. I love this one, it's rather awesome.

  4. wow~so magic.Your life must full of whimsy.


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