Day 8

Today's nails are painted with that crazy Simpsons family! I have always loved the show, so I thought I'd give them a whirl on my nails! Also, today is one of the rare instances that I don't do the same thing on my right hand, so I'm posting a picture of that hand too- its the opening credits of the show!!

I used Zoya Pippa for the base, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the linework, China Glaze White on White for the eyes, clouds, and Lisa's Necklace, China Glaze Salsa for Bart's shirt, Marge's necklace, "The Simpsons", and Maggie's pacifier, Zoya Pippa mixed with OPI You Don't Know Jacques for Homer's stubble, China Glaze For Audrey for the background, and Ultra Pro in Blue Blaze for Marge's hair.

Phew!! that was a lot!

I hope you like it!!


  1. You might fing Migi NailArt pens helpful in designs like this. They help with getting clean lines. I love them, and while I have not used the Sally Hansen ones, I have heard a lot of peope say they prefer the Migi ones.

  2. Pssshhh clean lines, schmine schmines. This is so cool!

  3. You are {nail] god!

  4. Hahah that so good! Very nicely made :D

  5. Haha ! 'd'love to have that on my own nails ! Well done you're really good ;D


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