KBShimmer Love at Frost Sight Swatches & Review

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The temps are dropping, spirits are bright, cookies are baking, and folks are getting into the holiday spirit. While this year isn't the ideal holiday experience with so many of us away from our families, lots of people out of work (my boyfriend included after 22 years at the same company), and stresses higher than usual, I feel like this is the year to really show our resilience and make these holidays great, no matter what the situation is. Tomorrow will always be brighter day, and until then, there's always nail polish. <3 Speaking of–today I have the KBShimmer Love at Frost Sight collection to share with you!

ZOYA Luscious Fall 2020 Swatches & Reviews

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Zoya Luscious collection hero

Fall is here! FINALLY! Sure, it's definitely not fall yet here in Las Vegas, but I hear the rest of the country is getting to enjoy the loveliness of my favorite season! Apple cider, cinnamon, chai lattes, pumpkins, I freaking love it all (except PSLs from Starbucks, I just don't get the hype over those...) Today I have swatches of the fall collection from Zoya nail polish for you. Read on for more info!

Morgan Taylor Disney Villains Collection Swatches & Nail Art

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Morgan Taylor Disney Villains nail polish collection.

Sometimes it just feels gooooood to be bad. As a HUGE Disney fan, I was SO excited when I saw this collection was coming out from Morgan Taylor. Sure, the Villains aren't usually who I root for, but I HAD to have this collection nonetheless. Read on to see my swatches and themed nail art to go along with each villain-inspired shade! (All nail art is also painted with Morgan Taylor polishes!)

KBShimmer Endless Summer Collection - Summer 2020 - Swatches & Review

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Bananarama said it best, because it's only June, and it's a cruel, cruel, cruel summer... with temps in the 107ºF + range here in Vegas, and not a damn thing to do because of the 'rona, this is shaping up to be a miserable season. Honestly though, aren't all summers? (or is that just for us gingers? lol) Anyway, I'm going deeply off-topic! Today I'm here to share with you the latest and greatest from KBShimmer - the Endless Summer collection, and y'all, if you like flakies, prepare to lose your GD MIND!!!! Keep reading for swatches and more info!!

Orly Retrowave - Summer 2020 - Swatches & Review

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It's nearly the end of May, we've just 'celebrated' the unofficial start to summer that is Memorial Day weekend, and it's time to break out those brights! (I mean, I'll break them out all year round, because I'm a damn rebel Dottie.) The latest collection from ORLY delivers on brights in a big way, giving us retina-searing shades of green, yellow, turquoise and coral that are grounded by deep, traditionally fall-inspired hues of slate and berry. I think it's safe to say I'll be using the collection this summer and well beyond–the extreme brights play nicely with the deeper tones, and boys and girls, these neons don't need undies. Read on for swatches and thoughts on the collection!

Cuccio Colour Rainbow Sorbet - Summer 2020 - Swatches & Review

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Summer got you down? Not going outside because of the current shutdowns? I found your fix - get a tan thanks to the latest collection from Cuccio Colours! These semi-bleached neons are the perfect summer shades that made even ME look tan! (no small feat, let me tell ya!! lol)

China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection Swatches & Review

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Can't fight the feeling (to do Troll hair nails, obviously)! Trolls World Tour, the sequel to the super fun hit that gave us that earworm from Justin Timberlake, is almost here! In just a few short weeks, we can see the latest in the Trolls family of movies featuring huge stars like Justin Timberlake, Ozzy Osbourne, and one of my personal favorites, James Corden! To celebrate the release of the new movie, China Glaze released their Trolls World Tour inspired collection, which is full of fun brights and just a touch of sparkle! These arrived yesterday evening, and I wanted to show them to you as soon as possible, so read on for swatches!!

Who Wants a Croissant? My Take on the French Manicure!

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 Ooh la la! The French manicure (like it or not) is coming back in a big way! I'll be honest, it's never been a favorite of mine, the classic pink and white never really drew my attention like funky nail art or bright colors. However, that said, I've been known to do my take on the classic with weird color combos, quirky ideas, and today is no different! The other day, my friend Jill DMed me on Instagram to let me know that she wanted to see my take on the French Manicure trend, so I sat and thought about it, and came up with this... lol