Who Wants a Croissant? My Take on the French Manicure!

Nothing to Disclose

 Ooh la la! The French manicure (like it or not) is coming back in a big way! I'll be honest, it's never been a favorite of mine, the classic pink and white never really drew my attention like funky nail art or bright colors. However, that said, I've been known to do my take on the classic with weird color combos, quirky ideas, and today is no different! The other day, my friend Jill DMed me on Instagram to let me know that she wanted to see my take on the French Manicure trend, so I sat and thought about it, and came up with this... lol

Croissants are deceivingly hard to paint- almost as hard as they are to make (SO time-consuming!!). If only they were so hard to eat, I wouldn't be so tempted to indulge whenever they're around. I mean, come on, give me a classic French croissant or Pain au chocolat any day of the week- my diabetes be damned. Who can resist that flaky, buttery goodness? Not me...just being honest.

For this one, I used acrylic paint, which I know is a rarity for me, but I felt like I had a better chance of shading and making a slightly convincing croissant over using nail polish for the art.

Now, let's see if I can resist biting my nails.... 

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