The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries...

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I'm sure that unless you were living under a rock today (or unless you are Amish, in which case, you're unlikely to be reading this blog post on the account of no electricity), you've heard the sad news of Gene Wilder's passing. 2016 has been one shitty year for amazing entertainers. We've lost Alan Rickman, Prince, Bowie, Lemmy, just to name a few, and now no more Gene Wilder? They must be having one helluva time up there on the stage in the sky.

ZOYA Urban Grunge Cremes – Swatches & Review

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Cremes. Glorious, smooth, pigmented creamy cremes. Cremes will always be my favorite finish. Sure, I love a great holo, and a smooth, densely packed glitter will definitely catch my eye, but I ALWAYS love a great creme, and Zoya definitely knows cremes. I feel like cremes are where Zoya really shines, they put out some of the best cremes I have, and this collection of mostly 1-coaters is no different! Check out my swatches and review after the jump!

ZOYA Urban Grunge Metallics – Swatches & Review

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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peek at this collection from the floor at Cosmoprof North America in July! Zoya has absolutely KILLED it with this collection for fall! There are definitely favorites for me, but hit the jump to see the Metallics half of this gorgeous collection and choose your own favorites! :)

Color4Nails KBShimmer Exclusive Colors!

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Who is ready to have some sand in their toes (and hopefully not your bathing suit!) and shimmer on their nails? Today I have two beach-themed polishes from KBShimmer that are exclusives!

Hit the jump for pictures and info on these gorgeous polishes!

Color Club Nail Stamping Plates Review

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Guns, knives, mustaches, top hats, card suits, Wonderland, and eight balls, just to name a few. What am I talking about? I just might be talking about the new Color Club stamping plates! When I first saw these at Cosmoprof, I was so excited to try them–they have food plates, 80's plates, stone/marble print plates, drip/splatter plates, they even have an entire plate devoted to miss Mary Jane, and one that says 'Keep Calm and Kiss my Ass' with all different sorts of lip prints, which I, of course, purchased. Today's post is to talk about a couple of the plate styles that are available on– the Mustachios plate, the Thug Life plate, and the Wonderland plate.

Hit the jump for more info!

I'm a Social Butterfly with Social Circle Cards!

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I'm obsessed with stationery and stationery-related items, so when the opportunity came up to try out these cool new Social Circle cards, I totally jumped at it!

Hit the jump to find out all the cool details!!

Feeling Rebellious? China Glaze Rebel Swatches!

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Oh, the days of my teenage years awkwardly spent in the 90s with a strange and slightly unhealthy love of...vests. While the grunge movement only barely made it to the tiny town of 800 that I grew up in, I still appreciate the days of flannel shirts, combat boots, and Nirvana just as much as if I had participated in them myself. :) I'm loving the nostalgia that comes with Rebel, the latest collection from the color geniuses at China Glaze! The colors and finishes definitely evoke memories of the 90s, and are positively stunning even if you're too young to remember them!

Hit the jump to see the swatches!