ZOYA Urban Grunge Cremes – Swatches & Review

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Cremes. Glorious, smooth, pigmented creamy cremes. Cremes will always be my favorite finish. Sure, I love a great holo, and a smooth, densely packed glitter will definitely catch my eye, but I ALWAYS love a great creme, and Zoya definitely knows cremes. I feel like cremes are where Zoya really shines, they put out some of the best cremes I have, and this collection of mostly 1-coaters is no different! Check out my swatches and review after the jump!

Zoya Mallory

True blue creme

Looking for a perfectly pigmented Superman blue? Look no further. Kryptonite wouldn't even be able to affect this 1-coat application. 

Opacity scale (1-5): 4.5

Finish: Creme, 1-2 coats to be opaque

Zoya Wyatt

Emerald green creme

Just shy of being dark enough to be British Racing Green, Wyatt is a truly lovely fall color! With the immense amount of pigment, I can't wait to use it for some fall and winter nail art!

Opacity scale (1-5): 4.5

Finish: Creme, 1-2 coats to be opaque

Zoya Tara

Plummy creme

I found it fitting that this one is named Tara, since I'm rewatching Sons of Anarchy while I swatch! I feel like this is a total Tara color, and is a gorgeous color for fall! This one did require 2 thin coats. 

Opacity scale (1-5): 4

Finish: Creme, 2 coats to be opaque

Zoya Courtney

Vampy merlot creme

This color absolutely screams fall, and this vampy sort of red is such a flattering color, while still being a classic! Another 2-coater to be safe.

Opacity scale (1-5): 4

Finish: Creme, 2 coats to be opaque

Zoya August

Elephant grey creme

Absolutely loving this as a super chic neutral for fall. You can never go wrong with a great grey- especially one that covers in 1 coat! 

Opacity scale (1-5): 4.5

Finish: Creme, 1-2 coats to be opaque

Zoya Noah

Cafe au lait creme

Mmmmm, this medium taupe makes me think of how I drink my coffee, milky with a splash of coffee! :-P Another super-chic creme that's a perfect office safe neutral, and great palate cleanser. Love!

Opacity scale (1-5): 4.5

Finish: Creme, 1-2 coats to be opaque

I am so impressed by these, but I'm not sure why Im so surprised, Zoya consistently produces amazing creme polishes, and these are obviously no different. Since they're so pigmented and 1-coaters, they're going to be amazing for nail art, and I can't wait! :) My favorites are August and Wyatt!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the cremes from Zoya? Share your picks in the comments below!

Zoya nail polishes, as always, are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor and can be purchased at zoya.com and Ulta and Ulta.com for $10. 

Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for review by the manufacturer. See the legal page disclosure for more information

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