Lovely Lotus

So, as a request from Chris, the lovely dude who brought me nail polishes back from India, today's nail art utilizes 2 of the Indian polishes!! :-D I wanted to do something abstract and decorative, and this is what I came up with. I think it's kind of a different twist on a moonicure.

I used Lotus Herbals Luscious Berry as a base, with Lotus Herbals Orchid Pearl for the design. I used Essie Matte About You over the tips to make them a tad more matte than the 'moon'.


  1. Love.

    Especially love the ring finger.

    This looks like bead netting. Did you see the new OPI ds polishes yet? I reviewed them and LOVE them, but I haven't seen anyone else post about them yet- figured you would have them already maybe.

  2. thanks girls.

    Tara- no, I haven't seen or bought them yet. I'm broke. :-/

  3. they're not out yet I'm DEFINITELY broke too OPI sent them out. I think you'll like ds magic when you see it.

  4. Lovely dude, that's awesome. I am a lovely dude!! Nails look killer my dear.

  5. Very smart yet soft, too. Nice!

  6. It's amazing that your blog! It was the best blog of nails I have ever seen!
    Congratulations ... you're a great artist! I admire your work too.
    I also have a blog, but speaks more than nail polishes. Unfortunately the blog is in Portuguese, because I'm Brazilian ...

    Again congratulations!

    Best Wishes. Victoria Hasan

  7. did you see you made top 50 best nail blogs?

  8. you are awesome x)

    but i'm wondering HOW you ae making the small lines????????????? <3

  9. hi, we are from Brazil, and we LOOVVE you and
    you´re nails!!!!!!


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