Tonight I was invited to a friend's house to participate in some kick-ass Shark Week festivities, namely, drinking games. I'm not entirely sure what Shark Week drinking games entail, but I probably won't participate, since I'm a hopeless lightweight. :-D It still should be fun with all the others getting silly. :-D Today I did another Shark Week nail design in honor of the events tonight! :) Poor unsuspecting swimmers.

I used OPI What's With the Cattitude? as a base, with a mixture of Orly Snowcone and Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse for the water. For the seagulls, I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud, which I also used for the shark's teeth and lower part of its body. For the rest of the shark body, I used American Apparel Factory Grey, then American Apparel Hassid for the eye, and American Apparel Rose Bowl for the gums. For the swimmers' bodies, I used American Apparel Rose Bowl mixed with American Apparel California Trooper, with American Apparel Manila for the blonde hair, and Essie Foot Loose for the shorts on the swimming guy. :) For the waves and splashes, I either mixed Orly Snowcone with Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse for the darker waves, or Orly Snowcone with Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud for the splashes. Dabbed a little Milani 3-D Holographic Cyberspace in a few places in the water for sparkle and shimmers of reflection on the surface. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. bah you're amazing! I love when you do the panoramic-style designs!

  2. that. is. so. cool!

  3. I have been curious. Do you do your designs on your real nails or do you paint them on fake nails first then apply them? I don't get how you can do your right hand and your left hand with the same designs... It just boggles my mind.

  4. i just loove this nail design!
    it's really cute and you are very talented

  5. Absolutely amazing! I MAY could do my left hand, but my right hand would be tragic!

  6. these are fantastic nails!

  7. Is it wrong that I think these are absolutely adorable? Because I think they are... they're just too cute for words! That shark is just so happy to be swimming along and finding such a cute snack!

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  9. These are HYSTERICAL! Have been watching shark week on and off all week. Air Jaws 1, 2 and Ultimate are the best!

  10. these are cool as :)

  11. Your shark panorama is amazing! (Did you post others? I can't find any.) After this is over you could paint miniatures on tiny canvases as a sideline.

  12. Is it incorrect i feel these are completely lovely? Simply because I do think they are... they are really also pretty with regard to phrases! That shark is just so happy to become going swimming along along with locating this kind of pretty snack!

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