Urban Decay Sale at Hautelook!! :)

Woot! Urban Decay Cosmetics sale at Hautelook today!! The last few have been AWESOME, so I'm excited!! The sale starts at 8 am PST, so get on there early, so stuff isn't sold out!! :)

Urban Decay Sale at Hautelook


  1. WOW!
    I loveeeeeeed your blog!!
    It's amazing! I also do my nails, but on Friday :)
    And of course...isn't so good as yours!
    I loveeeed *---*

  2. Your Blog is awsome! I'm from Brazil and descovered The Daily Nail from another site, and love right away! Keep doing the amazing job!

  3. Thank you so much!!!!
    I'd completely forgot!!!!
    I did my purchase,hahaha.
    Thanks again.

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  5. Look!! Your blog is in http://capricho.abril.com.br/blogs/clubedoesmalte/aloka-da-nail-art-melissa-osburn-do-blog-daily-nail/ . It's a brazilian site... I'm Brazilian, so ignore if you have any errors because I'm not good in English ... I realy love your website!!! Especially the two nails that you made of Brazil!!! I think if the comment of bibiana poeta, its because of this website "capricho", because it is a famous site of nails in Brazil...

  6. i purchased some lip glosses and a couple eye penicils. you enabler you!

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  8. hello!
    your work is wonderful ... congratulations!
    because you do not do nails inspired by the rock? band gun n 'roses?

    hugs! Marcela Simoncelo

  9. I'm from brazil and I discovered your blog from "capricho", a famous brazilian website. I loved your blog *-*, I loved especially the brazilian nail. \o but all nails are beautiful *-* congradulations \o

  10. work is actually wonderful ... congrats!
    because you usually do not perform fingernails encouraged from the good ole'? wedding ring gun and 'roses?

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