The Collection (as of Nov. 23, 2009)

So there have been questions to my email, and I think in some posts as to what is in my collection.. so here are pics! :)

This has all been acquired (with the exception of one or two bottles) since mid-August of this year. I keep them separated into plastic bins by brand. the MISC bins are an exception, since there are only a few of each.

Zoya and Essie:

China Glaze:


Misc #1: (MAC, Nfu Oh, Milani, Sinful Colours, etc)

Misc #2: (Sally Hansen, Sally Girl, Art Club, Sula, Seche Vite monster bottle :-P, etc)

Misc #3: (Konad, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens, Migi Nail Art Pens, misc tools)


  1. That is quite a collection! Nice

  2. wow - I wish you had been so organized when you lived at home :) I'm impressed!!

  3. hmmm, I'm thinking Anonymous might be mom :)

  4. Thats a geat collection! I love doing nails as well...Hey check out my blog!

  5. We have nails to! How great we are like twins!

  6. In the first misc. picture, is that Del Sol nail polish? The one with the pink sticker? I love Del Sol. It changes color in the sun! : )

  7. I've been shopping for nail brushes and I was wondering what kind do you use? I'm looking for brushes that can do fine detail.I've been using L.A nail art brushes.


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