Kreativ Blogger Award

The fantabulous Cindy @ Nail'd & Polished and the Spendiferous CucumPear
tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks so much ladies!!!

Rules are that I have to divulge 7 things about me, and tag a few bloggers at the end....Here goes.

1. I live off of Taco Bell, Wendy's, In n Out, and pizza.

2. I paint my nails EVERY SINGLE DAY- obviously. ;)

3. I am an artist for a large Slot Machine/Gaming company in Las Vegas, NV

4. I am allergic to a lot of things, including (but not limited to): Cats, dogs, mold, grass, dust, olive trees, and weeds. I take three allergy prescriptions (oral, eye drops, and nasal) to combat these allergies.

5. I am a MAC junkie (both computers and makeup) I have over 75 FS pigments and 5 15-pan palettes filled, and then some, and I have 3 iPods, including my phone, and I also have my trusty laptop. :)

6. I enjoy odd non-breakfast foods for breakfast, for instance, this morning I had Oreos with milk. Other mornings include pasta, pizza, steak burritos, and Cheetos.

7. I am the only pale redhead in my family. My sister and parents all have brown hair and olive complexions.

Most worthy of blogs:

Nail'd & Polished
CucumPear's Pandemonium of Cosmetics
Polish or Perish
and the wallet-emptying Scrangie, whose swatches and blog have cost me hundreds of dollars.


  1. I just found your blog and became your 15th follower!..You are a breath of fresh refreshingly unabashedly talented! Love it!!! I will love following you over the next year!


  2. Love your blog! and wondering when we get to see the Vegas-themed nails? ;-)


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