A Feast for the eyes...err....Nails.

Day 43

Today's nails were inspired by what else.. Thanksgiving dinner!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, that's right, I'm a glutton. I love food, especially in copious amounts, and who doesn't enjoy a little post-meal narcolepsy? So, each nail is dedicated to what I plan on eating tomorrow. (and hopefully the next couple of days...minus the carrots and yams, bleck!)

Left thumb: Turkey!!

Used: Zoya Angelina as a base, China Glaze White on White to draw the turkey shape, with Zoya Charlize over top of that, and then OPI Ginger Bells stippled on top of that with a fluffy brush. Lines were also drawn with Zoya Angelina.

Left index: Pumpkin Pie Mmmmm!

Used: Zoya Angelina as a base, China Glaze White on White with OPI Ginger Bells for the pie filling part, and Zoya Charlize for the crust.

Left middle: Mashed Potatoes with butter (not gravy!!! way better with butter)

Used: China Glaze White on White as a base, with OPI Banana Bandana over top for potatoes, Zoya Pippa for the butter, and Zoya Angelina
for the lines.

Left ring: Cranberry sauce (from a can- still has the lines!! lol)

Used: Zoya Dakota as a base, then mixed with Zoya Raven for the shadows, and China Glaze White on White for the highlights.

Left pinky: Yams with marshmallows

Used: OPI Ginger Bells as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the marshmallows, and Zoya Angelina for the lines and mixed with the other two colors for shading.

Right thumb: Carrots

Used: Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in 06 Sun Kissed as a base, with OPI Ginger Bells for shading, and Zoya Angelina for outlining.

Right index: Broccoli

Used: Zoya Angelina as a base, with Color Club Art Club in Green and another art club lime green, and a Walmart Halloween nail lacquer in dk green for shading.

Right middle: Rolls!

Used: China Glaze White on White as a base, with Zoya Charlize over top, OPI Ginger Bells stippled with a fluffy brush to give the browned look, and Zoya Angelina for the lines.

Right ring: Stuffing/Dressing. My absolute fav! My mom has to make tons of this because of my sister and I.

Used: Zoya Angelina as a base, with Zoya Charlize painted haphazardly on top, and then mixed with OPI Ginger Bells for the more orangey color.

Right Pinky- Corn!

Used: Zoya Pippa as a base, mixed with OPI Ginger Bells for the lines, and with China Glaze White on White for the highlights.

Everything is, as usual topped off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat. If you haven't tried this stuff yes, I highly recommend you do, it is God's gift to nail enthusiasts.

Here is what I made last night...Raspberry Bites!! Mmm Dark Chocolate, Raspberries, and Chambord!

and here is the way I packaged that candies I made last night and the night before for my friend's family and my own family!

Happy Eating, folks!!

UPDATE: Raspberry Bite Recipe for those who asked:

Raspberry Bites

Butter, soft (30°C/86°F) ----- 6 oz.
Raspberry Jam-------------8 oz
Dark Chocolate, tempered----11 oz
Chambord----------------1 oz

Dark Chocolate for coating as needed.

1. By hand, mix together the butter and jam until well combined (I used the flat blade on my Kitchenaid and it worked just fine)

2. Stream the dark chocolate into the butter mixture, taking care not to allow chunks of chocolate to form in the butter mixture.

3. Stream the Chambord into the butter ganache while stirring constantly.

Ok, here's where it might differ for me and you. I used molds, which are $25 for a 30-candy sturdy plastic dome mold, and found at specialty stores- I got mine at Chef Rubber which, if you live in Vegas, is a physical store, but for those not in the area, you can order online just as easily. I'm pretty sure that you could just make conventional truffles from this ganache, by forming balls of it after it cools and then coating with tempered dark chocolate. Make sure the chocolate is tempered, or you'll get lots of white streaks. (known as fat bloom) This doesn't render the chocolate inedible, just makes it look unappetizing.

There you go! Happy Chocolatiering!


  1. omg so cute!! i love the cranberry sauce one! Do you think that if i took a picture of it to a nail salon, they would be able to do it?? You do an amazing job!!!

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  2. Love it! It makes me so hungrey thinking about it!

    Follow my blog

  3. This is my favorite post yet! So inventive and artistic... I'm obsessed.

  4. Errr, so this would be a bad mani for those trying NOT to bite their nails!
    Yummm, Thankgiving....
    Have a good one!

  5. yummy dinner you are expecting :) Did I forget to tell you we are having peas and ham??? Your favs right? J/K - Love the nails and can't wait to taste the candy!!

  6. Nails look great, but raspberry bites look amazing! Where can I get the recipe for them?! Would make an awesome christmas present.

  7. Those raspberry bites looks so yummy! I'd love to try them! I agree with Bec ^above me^, they would make an awesome Christmas present. And the nails OMG! I really like the idea of "everything that you're going to eat on Thanksgiving minus the carrots and yams", very creative!

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  9. wow, this is my favorite post on your blog. the designs are so intricate! the turkey one looks very cool with the spongey texture. by the way, those chocolates look really good... i'm hungry just looking at them, and i just ate dinner!

  10. You're very talented! I love reading your blog.
    Just curious: do you keep on the designs on all day at work & school or do you just paint them for the blog and then remove the polish?

  11. Hello,
    I like your blog but I think your missing something. I'm glad to help maximize your blog's potential.


  12. wow.... i don't know anyone that good at nails

  13. Awesome. Thanks for the recipe addition. I LOVE Chambord and can't wait to use this as an excuse to buy a bottle!

  14. Your nails look delicious. Fantastic job.

  15. My computer has been down for a week and I couldn't wait to catch up with your nails. This Thanksgiving set is my favorite so far and up until now I thought you painted one hand with the details and left the other plain, which in my eyes would be an amazing accomplishment. But I am now in awe seeing that you do both with such intricate designs!!! I can only manage a clear coat every now and then, so I bow down to you! :~]

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