It's a Hard Knock Life.

Day 21

Today's nails are kind of a joke between my friend and I... he HATES knuckle tattoos, and thinks they're usually dumb. <---This is coming from a man who has lots of ink on his flesh. :-P SOOOOO, I decided to do this one for him. :-P i was pretty surprised the right hand "HARD" lettering turned out as well as it did, since I'm SOOOO not ambidextrous.

I used Zoya Gretchen as a base, with Zoya Charlize to pale it down a bit. I used Zoya Raven for the line work, with Zoya Dakota mixed with Zoya Raven for the red in the letters. The clover was filled in with a mix of Zoya Raven and OPI Green-wich Village, and the horseshoe was filled in with China Glaze Millennium


  1. Whoa, this is fantastic. I'm especially impressed by your right hand! The base looks great for this purpose, but I wouldn't wear it on its own.

  2. thanks ladies!!

    Cucumpear- yeah... I wouldn't wear this other than for when I need a flesh color. The combination of Gretchen and Charlize work great for that though.


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