Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jamaican Flag Nail Art Tutorial, mon.

Feel the Rhythm!
Feel the Rhyme!
Get on up,

Ha ha, how could I do a post about Jamaica and not include a Cool Runnings reference?! I freakin' love that movie. lol

Of course, lots of good things are related to Jamaica... Marley, reggae, ska, amazing athletes, the movie Cocktail (Champagne- perfume going in, sewage coming out), Ian Fleming (he lived there), jerk chicken, Red Stripe... need I go on? No? Ok. Well in that case, here's my Jamaican Flag Nail Art Tutorial for your viewing enjoyment. (I hope?)

You want to kiss my egg?
I'm not kissing no egg.
Suit yourself.


  1. Yay! Awesome work :)....... Sanka, you dead man? Lol

    1. ya mon. :D Man I <3 that movie. lol

      Thanks!! :D

  2. You put on your Seche Vite when it's still wet?

  3. I'm actually Jamaican (and just came back from a visit there) so I'm excited you did our flag!


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