German Flag Nail Art Tutorial!

Sauerkraut! Wiener Schnitzel! Beer!

In my trip around the world via nail art tutorials, I'm visiting Germany today! With my heritage being part German, I of course had to do the German flag, even though it's an easy one! Yay for tape manicures! (and finally figuring them out!)

Man, sauerkraut sounds soooooooo good. It's one of my favorite foods, I could eat it every day... cold, warm, hot, with sausage, plain, on chili cheese dogs, bratwurst, however you wanna serve it up. :-D

Fun fact: During WWI, it was called Liberty Cabbage in the US due to fear that Americans would reject a product with a German name. Freedom fries, anyone?

Easy as eins, zwei, drei.


  1. Haha, dankeschön for making my morning a bit better :D
    And sorry for being the faultfinder but it has to be Wiener Schnitzel :)

    And now I'm making myself ready for the Bierfestival in Berlin in a few hours ;)

    1. Glad I made you happy! :) And THANKS for letting me know my typing error! :-D Have fun at Bierfestival!! (can I come?!)

    2. Yes of course! I have a couch for visitors :D
      It's going to last until Sunday! And you have to bring indian beer :)

    3. Trust me on this one- you don't want any. :-D The only beer you can find here is called Kingfisher, and there is one other brand I've seen, and they're both god-awful. You can get imports in some parts of the country though, so that helps. I miss good beer. I'm from Michigan - Grand Rapids, MI is called Beer City USA. :-P Great breweries there. *drool*

    4. Haha, I totally get what you mean. Though I love to try new things I always come back to the ones I already knew! Tried some asian beer in a restaurant and it's far away from being yummy!!
      Almost every city has it's own brewerie here. I couldn't name a favourite. My birthtown had an awesome one, but they aren't making it anymore. I grew up in Thuringia: the home of grilled Bratwurst and now guess what you have to drink ;)

  2. Now that's a mani I can modify for the coming Indian Independence Day. 1 question: Do you always clean up when the polish is still wet?
    * And I like reading about your perspective of India and things Indian :)


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