That's a Wrap!

First off, thanks for the suggestions (and compliments) for my tutorials! I'm glad that you guys are liking them. I'll do everything I can to take your suggestions and use them to influence my future tutorials! Keep those suggestions coming though- don't be shy, I can take it! Don't forget- there's something in it for YOU too! :)

I work in an office, and our dress code by U.S. standards is pretty casual. Common attire is polo shirts and jeans, though the women usually wear kurtas (a type of tunic) with leggings or salwar (loose, pajama-y pants). I often wear kurtas with jeans, but when I don't, I wear cute, work-appropriate tops. Today my top, though bright-colored, felt a little plain, so I threw on one of my favorite scarves...I've had it for years, and it made the trip to India with me. I initially bought it because of the bold graphic print and the color combination, but it's grown to be somewhat of a frequent accessory in my wardrobe. Anyway, when looking at it today, I felt the desire to do a nail art design inspired by the print of the fabric. It's not the same, but it uses similar colors and patterns. The best part about this design? It almost exclusively uses a dotting tool to make the design, I only used the nail art brush in a few places!

I used:

Brown: Zoya Codie
White: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Pink: Zoya Lara
Turquoise: butter LONDON Artful Dodger
Green: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper
Topcoat: Seche Vite


  1. I've just come across your blog via Winnie and I love these!!!!

  2. me encanta lo que haces!!!!
    saludos desde CHile...

  3. Love this design! It's very cute. Just making sure, they allow you to wear your awesome designs at work right? It'd be a shame if they didn't.

  4. I think this has to be one of my favorites you've ever done!

  5. LOVE your tutorials they help alot. im a huge fan and i have done almost all of your design.

  6. these colors really speak to me, one of my favorite nails you've done the past few months.... why no picture of the scarf? now i'm curious!!

  7. So cute! Love bright colors against black :)

  8. These are amazing. I love bright colours over black.

  9. Love this!! You´re great, a truly inspiration for me. XD
    Just wondering if we could see a pic of your scarf...

  10. This pattern reminds me of Marimekko!! :DD Finnish design for the win^^

  11. Your skills are stellar! Beautifully done!

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!! I would love to see the scarf, too!

  13. This is absolutely amazing! I'd soo mess up the left hand though!
    Emily <3

  14. I love this one!!!

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