It Was Elementary, Dear Watson! Nail Art Tutorial

What?! Another Back to School tutorial?! Dang, if I keep this up, you're going to be super ready for school days to start, and no apples for those teachers will be required! :D

Today I did a tutorial geared more toward the younger kids and the parents of younger kids- something you either loved or loathed - Manuscript writing! :D This tutorial is based off of the It Was Elementary, Dear Watson! design I did a while back.

What do you think? Is it teacher's pet material or does it deserve a detention!?

What was your favorite thing about the first day of school? I always loved wearing new clothes, and using new school supplies. *NERD ALERT*


  1. So cute!! I love that you did the manuscript paper lines, I remember that!

  2. I am SO with you about the new school supplies! To this day I STILL love the smell of pencils! (the wooden kind) In fact, I love everything about wooden pencils, except getting stabbed with one. (or was that just MY school?)

    Shopping for school clothes was such a mixed bag of emotions. When you went, you had to admit that summer was really almost over, thus your heart sank a bit. BUT, there was a new school year and all of its possibilities just ahead, plus you'd get to see who was in your new class, AND get new clothes! I always chose to be very excited.
    Until high school.
    Then I just felt like anything after the 4th of July was a downhill slide into oblivion. But I still loved pencils.

    And I do remember learning to write on the dotted line paper. Do they still teach that, or is it just all thumb exercises now? ;P


    1. Well all of mine (including a four year old) learned using dotted paper. That could also be that I bought the paper and sat with them practicing writing. :P

  3. You make me giggle :). I love your tutorial! Can't wait for my nails to grow out a bit to do the design!

  4. I am totally going to do this for the start of the fall semester. It's so simple and cute! And I still love going school supply shopping, it's silly. :)

  5. My favorite was always school shopping. Supplies and the new clothes. Loved it, I love doing it with my kids now. Look forward to doing it with my grandchildren when they are old enough!


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