Canadian Flag Nail Art!

Growing up in Michigan, Canada was our fun (and cold) neighbor to the North and East! Trips to Canada weren't super often, but we did visit Sault St. Marie (pronounced Soo Saint Marie, and otherwise known as 'The Soo'), Sarnia, and Windsor on occasion! :) Heck, my sister and I even took a roadtrip to Toronto once. :) (I love that city!) Everyone knows the stereotypes of Canada; eh, aboot (about), hockey, BEER, just to name a few! I'll admit, I couldn't help but add an 'Eh' in the intro...don't hate me!

I know that we say it in Michigan- the UP (Upper Peninsula) especially! Heck- lots of Yoopers (people that live in the UP) have bumper stickers that say Say Yah to da U.P., eh!, which is a parody of the Say YES to Michigan! state slogan. That makes it OK, right? Kind of like the excuse 'My best friend is...' preceding whatever offensive term/race/sexual preference, etc. was used. :)

Anyway, to our cold and friendly neighbors to the north with the CN tower and Labatt's (gag), I salute you! (and make you this flag tutorial) 

By the way- the maple leaf on the Canadian flag is a pain to paint and have look like a leaf. I redid this video THREE times to get it right!

Did you hear the one about how they named Canada by drawing letters from a hat? The first guy pulled out the letter C, eh!!, the second guy pulled out the letter N, eh!!, the third guy pulled out the letter D, ehhh!, and that was how Canada was named. :)  (I love you Canada, I swear!)

I'm gonna get killed for this. If you don't hear from me soon, check your local ice-fishing hole.


  1. As a Michigander, I can vouch for all you say, haha! I love Canada, too ;)

  2. Hello, I am the editor for a magazine and am trying to find your contact information. Please email me we are interested in featuring you.

    thank you!

  3. You probably never made it as far west as Saskatchewan, but here's a cute video of all our Canadian/Saskatachewanian stereotypes

  4. I was born and raised in Canada(which I love btw) and I laughed so so much reading your post. I LOVED it. You're so funny and definitely not offensive. PS Thanks for doing this tutorial, I want that flag on my finger so bad for the Olympics! Such a nerd eh?

  5. Born and raised in Canada and your nail art does our country justice lol. Great post!

  6. Haha, I'm a born and raised Canadian and your pair was often (though here in BC I've never heard boot!) Hhahaa

    1. Whoa! Holy auto-correct attack! *and your post was hilarious, though Ive never heard it pronounced aboot here in BC*

  7. I agree with Jessie! I'm a BC girl and rarely say "eh" or "aboot". I think we speak similarly to how the rest of the West Coast of the States speak. I also hate Labatts, but do love a good hockey game.


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