A Rebel and His Bike

Whenever I hear a certain song by The Champs, I can't help but think of one of the coolest guys from my youth. I think you ALL know who I'm talking about...a certain white-shoed, grey-suit, red bow tie wearing man who ALWAYS knew the secret word of the day.

Did you know that on this day in 1985 was the release of the Pee Wee's Big Adventure movie? How could I let that one slide by without a little nail art love? It's not perfect, the eyes ended up a tad wonky, but all in all, I totally dig the effect. I even like the suit pattern texture on the 'plain' nails!

I hope you guys like this one as much as I do! Sorry for all the pics. :) I got excited.

Who was your favorite Pee Wee's Playhouse or Pee Wee movie character?

I used:

Light Grey - Orly Mirror, Mirror
Medium Grey - Finger Paints Stunning Stilettos
Dark Grey - Nubar Stronghold
Brown - Zoya Codie
Flesh - Zoya Avery
Flesh Shading - Zoya Avery + China Glaze Mahogany Magic
Flesh Highlighting - Zoya Avery + Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Cheeks - Zoya Avery + China Glaze Life Preserver
Lips - Barielle Unraveled Rust + Zoya Avery + China Glaze Hey Sailor
Black - American Apparel Hassid
Topcoat - Seche Vite



  1. I just love your work! Its more than just nail painting, its a masterpiece! LOVE IT!

  2. Wow! That is awesome. I caught the Pee Wee Herman play on HBO last year and it was great - he still looks the same!

  3. do you thin down your polishes with anything? i need a good brush i know that but it seems hard to use polish just as is.

  4. Pee Wee!!! Loved watching his show... Terry Pterodactyl was a fave. Miss Yvvonne, Chairy too. Ohhh..Jambi!! Meka leka hi meka hiney ho. The great Phil Hartman was on there too. You are a creative and so very talented!!

  5. I can't get over how amazing this is?! Is there anyway to send a picture to Peewee? Because I think you should!

  6. Ok, totally just checked! Pee Wee has a twitter :P


    "I'm TRYIN' to use the phone!" is a phrase which has become part of the vocabulary of my life...
    it can mean so many things...

    I hope he does more stuff soon. The heads of studios/networks need to realize that he needs another show or movie. Seriously. We need it!
    But be careful of Pee Wee's website- spammers have taken it over and I was getting LOADS of spam and some creepy "friend" emails from there...

    I bet his twitter account is safer!


  8. I saw the face with the red bowtie and immediately heard his laughter in my head haha

  9. Oh wow Pee Wee Herman!! lol Great Job!!

  10. Oh, and I'd have to go with Large Marge, btw

  11. You are so talented! My favorite besides PeeWee himself would have to be Cowboy Curtis aka a young Laurence Fishburne.

  12. Wow, this is your best by far. I love it!

  13. This is INSANE. How long did it take you?! Can't believe that portrait - and for something that's going to chip and scratch off eventually! That's some major dedication. You have a gift.

  14. I wish that you could describe how you have done your nails, and I don't think i am the only one who have this wish :)


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