For the Record...

I remember as a kid, my sister and I hunted in our parent's attic for interesting stuff when we were bored. One day we came across my mom's record collection. Unfortunately, my mom has questionable taste in music, so her record collection consisted of what seemed like a BILLION Neil Diamond records, a Jesus Christ Superstar record, a Bill Cosby record, a record that I can only remember one of the songs off of (Happy Together by The Turtles), and one gem—The Beatles HELP! album. The only other record that my house sheltered was an awesome Captain Kangaroo tune that belonged to my sister. :-P  I always ALWAYS look at records when I go to antique stores, simply because I love the album art. I don't own a working record player, though I think Chris might (somewhere?).

I thought record nail art might be fun, with the brightly-colored labels and whatnot, so here goes!

I used:

Black - American Apparel Hassid
Green - Sally Hansen Grass Slipper
Red - China Glaze Hey Sailor
Yellow - American Apparel Manila
Orange - CND Electric Orange
Aqua - American Apparel The Valley
Topcoat - Seche Vite


  1. Looks great! Love the bright colors it's very fun!

  2. What a fun mani, I love the reason why you did it :)

  3. I loooove this mani!
    Looking at records... lovely memories!!!

  4. wonderful manicure! i absolutely love it!

  5. Wow, amazing nail art as always

  6. Love it! Do you mind if I replicate this at some point?

  7. Gosh! How do u write so tiny? I love this!

  8. and my dear what exactly is wrong with Neil Diamond :) Cute mani Brat Child - Love you!!!

  9. This nail art is sooooo cool, it's great!

  10. I love this!! I have SO many records it should be illegal!


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