Friday, August 3, 2012

Finnish Flag Nail Art Tutorial!

I'll be honest, I can count the number of things I know about Finland on one of my hands. I know that metal band Lordi is from there (and I saw them in concert in Vegas, and they're cah-razy. Impressive show though), there are 35 species of mosquitos (and I thought India was bad), the capital is Helsinki, and the flag is blue and white. There, that's it, and I still have my thumb remaining. Oh! One more- Finland looks beautiful; the pictures I've seen are simply stunning.

I actually got TWO requests for the flag of Finland- so here you go! :-D

Get it, Finnish(ed)?!


  1. Mahtavaa! Kiitos :)

    In other words, thank you this is so great :D

  2. I love your tutorials, can you please tell us what kind of brushes did you use? I am kind of curious. Also where we can find them. Thank you Melissa :)

  3. Kiitos paljon!
    Thank you very much! :)

  4. Jamaican flag PLEEEEEASE!!

  5. Greetings from finland ! :-D


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