Wherever the Chips May Fall

My nails are FUZZY!!!

I can't take credit for the fuzzy part- I was inspired by Jen over at The Polishaholic blog! The rest of the inspiration for this nail art came from being homesick, and from being bummed about missing out on CosmoProf North America right now in Las Vegas with all my other blogger friends!! *BUMMED*

In honor of all the lovely bloggin' ladies in Vegas right now, I made Vegas poker nails!!  I used green flocking for the felt, and poker chips to make the half-moons!

I used:

Blue: MAC Breezy Blue
Topcoat: Seche Vite

Next year.


  1. Aren't you on vaycay? Enjoy yourself-!

  2. Okay, THAT's a velvet manicure that I like! Well done!

  3. Im always amazed by your work! Great job!

  4. I love it. I love you. I love how inspiring you are others. I love seeing your name on my phone when we have time to talk. I love who you are. <3

  5. You, handsdown, are THE most creative person I know. Seriously, you never fail to amaze me. Who else would have thought if this really?

  6. This is SUCH a cute and creative idea. Love them.


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