American Flag Nail Art Tutorial!

TOOT! TOOT!  Next stop on the Flags of the World Nail Art Tutorial Express (hot damn that's a long name for an express train) is none other than Old Glory, the flag of the good ol' U S of A!

Though I'm sure that the majority of you lovely readers have seen the American flag nail art a zillion times, a 'Flags of the World' nail art tutorial series wouldn't really be the same without it, right?

Well here you go:


Oh, and can someone turn off the dawnzer? (please someone get this reference)


  1. The dawnzer? Naturally it is a lamp and it gives lee light.

  2. I love the tutorial. :-) It might be just what I need to do my first 'American' manicure!

  3. as always amazing!! really inspires of your skill. wery well

  4. So cool! Im defenitly going to try this on my nails!!!!!!!! Keep posting more tutorials! I love them!!!!!!


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