I Can't Get No...

...well, you know, Satisfaction?!

Did you know that today, July 12, 2012, marks the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones' first gig? It is! They played on July 12, 1962 at the Marquee Club in London, England!

Growing up, I wasn't one of those 'normal' kids that listened to Debbie Gibson...oh wait, I was. However, I actually spent the majority of my radio-listening time on Oldies 96.1, and could sing the words to every damn song that came on. I think I knew (and still know) the songs of my mom's youth better than she does. :D (with the exception of Neil Diamond, she's got his songs down) Anyway, I remember one night that they were doing a Rolling Stones marathon, and I kept trying to call in my requests, but never got through. Poor kid, I was super sad.

One of my all-time favorite Rolling Stones songs and favorite songs in general is 'Paint it Black,' which I SWEAR is one of the most stick-in-your-head songs ever. I can merely read the song name, and it get stuck in my head for days. Damn them.

Do you have a favorite Rolling Stones song?

In honor of the 50-year anniversary, I chose to do Rolling Stones nail art today!  I painted it black (get it?!) and then topped that with black glitter for a bit o' texture (makes me want a Bit o' Honey candy bar reaaaaal bad). Instead of art on all 5 nails, I focused on two accent nails, the Rolling Stones tongue logo on my ring finger, and the best Mick Jagger caricature I could fit on a fingernail on my thumb. :)

Looks kinda messy, but from a foot away, it looks better, I swear. 
I used:

Black: American Apparel Hassid
Black Glitter: L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Uninhibited
Red: China Glaze Hey Sailor
White: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Brown: Barielle Coco Bar
Skin: Zoya Avery
Facial Shading:
               Light- Zoya Gretchen
               Medium- Zoya Dea
               Dark- Barielle Coco Bar
Lip color: Zoya Avery and China Glaze Hey Sailor mixed
Eyes: American Apparel Passport Blue

I see a red door and I want it painted black.

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  1. This looks fantastic. I think my favorite is Satisfaction. I'm like you, I love more music from my Mom's childhood than my own. I love The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, AC/Dc, Led Zepplin, if it came out in the 60's or 70's I will listen to it far more than the newer stuff.

  2. This actually made me laugh so hard, since as I'm reading your blog, I'm painting my own Rolling Stones nails. :p What a coincidence. And I have to say, Paint it Black is one of my all time favourite songs, but I think Gimme Shelter takes the cake for me when it comes to Rolling Stone's songs. :)Good work on the art!

  3. Your nails rock!!
    My fav RS song is Gimme Shelter :)

  4. Thus is great! Paint It Black is one of my favorites too. As well as Mothers Little Helper.

  5. This is cute! I can't think of my fave RS song, though-phew!

  6. i loved the tongue, it is so iconic..
    but i really admired your mick jagger design.. OMG.

    you're an artist!

  7. that looks so amazing must be really hard to do his face


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