Go FOURTH and be Happy.

It's the fourth. Yeah, of July. Can you believe it? Seriously, I'm in shock. This trip around the sun has flown by like none other and here we are again, celebrating our day of independence! Well...you are. People might look at me funny if I was out on my lawn (we don't have a lawn) grilling burgers, don't ya think? Plus I had to work, because it's not Independence Day here! :) (I have to wait for August 15th for theirs!) Chris said he was going to 'get drunk and blow shit up', but apparently his version of that is a cool glass of water and an episode of Masterchef Australia while he surfs the interwebs on his iPad. :-D What can I say, we're an exciting pair, right?

I've been sick lately...it all started with a dirty little germ disseminator (otherwise known as a child) sitting next to me coughing without covering his gaping yaw for the entire flight from Brussels to Chennai. That was 2 weeks, 3 sick days, several days of sleeping, about 5,000,000 movies, a doctor's visit, 3 prescriptions, and one stern instruction that I wasn't allowed to eat ANY fruits (apples are allowed), or have any fruit juice. Odd for a doctor to say, right?  I'm pretty sure this is the perfect way to get me to eat my fruits and veggies though, because it's all I can think about now. I guess that ole 'want what you can't have' saying might hold some truth. Anyway...

As my way to 'celebrate' being American, I did what any other sane nail-art loving blogger would do...my nails. Now, every year it gets harder and harder to do my nails, because there is only so many ways you can configure red, white and blue, right? Well, In the past, I've actually steered clear of the good ole RW&B (I'm such a rebel), and I've done the Declaration of Independence, the Statue of Liberty (not one of my finest), and the culinary treat that is a tube of meat that we all know and love called a Hot Dog...  Well, this year I was inspired by a picture that my friend Roxie posted on her Instagram of her getting her Fourth of July buntings ready to hang. My goal was to try to capture the shadows of the draped/gathered/folded fabric, and still maintain that vibrant trio of colors that are synonymous with liberty. 

I used: 

How are you celebrating your Fourth of July?


  1. Wow ! It looks so greaaaaaat !! :D I made one too ! ;D
    http://panda-de-chine.blogspot.fr/2012/07/just-owe-night-like-fourth-of-july-d.html Mine is less original..! lol

  2. I really hope you get rid of the germs and feel better soon!
    I love the fabric feel in your lovely mani, nice as always!

  3. Wow! Look at that awesome shading!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. This is really cool! Love all the detail

  5. Nice! They look like they'll look great even from a distance.

  6. Lovely and looking so beautiful nails.The designs are so cute and fantastic.I like your effort.

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  7. I love it. You always amaze me.

  8. these are really awesome!!! love them.
    i just did 4th of july nails too!

  9. Really nice i am only 10 and do my nails with frogs,pandas and dogs but they have never look as good as them ! YOU DERSERVE A MEDEL ! :)


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