50 Shades of...

...grey?  more like 9. (At least in this manicure)

No, I haven't joined the 50 Shades of Grey craze, and am still undecided whether I want to bother. I hear good stuff and bad stuff, but more people that hate the series than people that love the series. I know that eventually, like all the other 'crazes', I'll end up reading them out of sheer curiosity. (Twilight, I'm looking at you) I'm so weak. WEAK. Why can't there be a craze over historic biographies? or maybe books full of bread recipes? I'd be on top of that shit. (I'd be a total book hipster and love that shiz before it went 'mainstream', ya know?)

Anyway, I digress. This manicure is dotting tool-riffic. As in, besides the base coat and cleaning up my cuticles, it's the only tool I used. I wanted to do a dot gradient manicure, and I originally planned to do it in color, but decided to scale it down... grayscale, that is. I figured after my Jagger-icure, I should do something a bit easier. Surprisingly, though technically 'easier', this took far more time than ole Mick. Funny how that works out, right?

What do you think- do you like seeing simpler manicures on here from time to time? Sometimes I feel 'weird' doing that, because I've set a precedent of doing wacky, weird, and detailed stuff for so long. Let me know, because I'm curious what you guys think!

I used (from lightest to darkest):

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On!
butter LONDON Billy No Mates
Zoya Dove
Orly Mirror, Mirror
FingerPaints Stunning Stilettos
Barielle U Concrete Me
American Apparel Factory Grey
Nubar Stronghold
American Apparel Hassid

Seche Vite topcoat


  1. This looks stunning! I love seeing easier stuff, it makes for a nice balance. (:

  2. It looks really cool and interesting. Simpler is still great!

  3. Sometimes the simpler, the better. Love it! Now I just need to bag me a load of shades of the same colour

  4. I am amazed at the number of dots of all different shades. It still must have taken a good amont of time to do all your nails. I like an "easier" one thrown in here and there.

  5. I actually think that sometimes simpler nail art designs can be more eye-catching than really intricate desgins ! As they say, less is more !

  6. Oh I love it! you can do these anytime!

  7. Love the mani but I honestly miss your square nails! But that may be because I have square nails :P

  8. Do the easier stuff too. You have so much variety you'll come up with something for everyone sometime. I want to try this grey one soon.

  9. Great mani! I love seeing the easier stuff - I love seeing things I can try and copy and build my own skills! Some of the crazy hard stuff like the Jagger mani is way too daunting!

  10. Love love love this manicure! I'm going to try to recreate it! And don't read the "50 Shades" trilogy. I looooooove reading, and I only got halfway through the first book, because it's made me sad to read. But continue with the awesome manicures, I dig them all!

  11. This looks awesome! I love everything you do and I don't thing you should feel like you have to top yourself to be more intricate or whatever with each new post. Sometimes simpler is better.

  12. Kickass! I love getting ideas that can be done with the dotting tool because that's pretty much the extent of my talent

    Also love the hair if thats you picture ;o)
    Look forward to following your blog!

  13. I really like when you do detailed things. You are very good at nails either way though! :) I hope you still do this blog for a while.

  14. Amazing!! If this is your concept of a simpler manicure than I am looking forward to them!

  15. I really like these! And yes, polka dots take for ever...

  16. I love it! :)

    (I also love the 50 Shades Book Series!)

  17. What tool did you use? (LOVE IT :)

  18. YAY something I could actually recreate. Don't get me wrong I love all of your designs but I'm kinda useless..I really need to get some tiny nail art brushes, but until then all I'm capable of is Konad and dotting haha.

  19. AKA ReaderRita

    Oh, yay! Evidently I wasn't scrolling down far enough to see the "anonymous" profile! (damned iPad!)(I know, I know, that's a first world problem...)

    At any rate, I love this mani- it reminds me of a seashell. Simply gaw-geous!

    I like it when you mix things up- some simple and some fancy- because no matter what it is, it's always interesting when it comes outta your head! But you should just do what you feel- it's your art after all! Yay!

  20. This is very pretty, and I love almost all manicures you do! Just do what you like :).

  21. I really like it! Maybe I'll be able to use my dotting tool for once (it's getting rusty)!
    BTW about books, did you already jump on A Song of Ice and Fire wagon?
    I did recently and fell in love with it!

  22. Thanks everyone!!!

    NailNarcotics- Yup! That's me!! Thanks!

    Diana- I used a small dotting tool.

    ReaderRita- So great to see you again!! :-D

    Aly MaiSenzaSmalto- Nope! I haven't heard of that one- I'll definitely have to check it out!

  23. You should cave and read them...I finished all three in about a week. The "interesting" parts get realllllly old but luckily they're easy to skip over without missing a beat of the actual plot... :)

    Gorgeous design!


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