Off the Clock

Today's nails were inspired by a super awesome retro clock in the house that I'm house-sitting at. It sort of looks like a stylized sun, with the clock face and lines going out at all different lengths like rays.

I used L.A. Girl Army Green as a base, with Essie Mink Muffs for the brown designs, a mixture of China Glaze Salsa and Zoya Jancyn for the red design, then American Apparel Cotton for the dot in the center of the design on all nails. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. Hey my clock, awesome! Greeting from India, thanks for watching my house. Nail polish from India acquired, hope you're stoked on what I bought.

  2. Do they have green walls too???

  3. I think I grew up with that clock in the early '70! Fun nails!!

  4. Cool! I like how you did your ring finger in a different accent color.

  5. I am hello I like very much your designs of Colombia you have a lot of creativity and patience!!!

    I congratulate you for that madness of designs that you do, would I like very much if you may publish the step to step of some of your designs, since one asks itself as you will do it? And because at my country there is not so much variety of enamels here and products like I see than your you utilize, and I have wanted to realize some of these but neither dream up !!! Do I like very much the metallic as you achieve those effects???

    Good I wait give me answer and be able to many times publishing the step by step.

    Thanks and forgive the grammar but I translated the message in a translator no longer I handle myself very much with English!!!


  6. Oh wow I love that green color! Is this polish from the LA Girl Flare line?


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