What a Hoot!

Welcome to the last day of 'Fabric Week' here on the Daily Nail blog. :) Today, I chose the cutest of my fabrics, and the only one that wasn't an abstract pattern or floral. It's OWLS! I love the simple colors and the retro feel. My owls look a little tweaked out, but that's ok. :-P

The fabric inspiration:

The nails:

I used Essie Mink Muffs as a base, with (from thumb to pinky) CND Bicycle Yellow, American Apparel Manila, a mixture of L.A. Girl Army Green and American Apparel Cotton, L.A. Girl Army Green, and Zoya Jancyn for the owl colors. American Apparel Cotton was used for the white of the face, with MAC Showy for the dark brown outlines around everything and in the background. For the eyes, I used CND Bicycle Yellow.

BTW, update on the neck...

A lot of you suggested a chiropractor, and usually I LOVE the chiro, but last time I had this problem happen (less than 2 months ago), he made it ten times worse. The shoulder still hurts pretty badly, but I was at least able to sleep last night, which was great. Hopefully it keeps trending towards getting better! :) Thank you all for your advice and concern!!! :)


  1. Very cute.
    In regards to the shoulder & neck pain, it my have something to do with your pillow arrangement. Not having pillows that suit you can lead to a problem called Frozen Shoulder Syndrome. A simple test to see if you my be suffering from this problem is to lift your arms above your head and if your problem shoulder cannot reach as high as your other then you may have this problem. Physio is great and has helped with many of my problems and is a great solution. I hope this can help.

  2. Love the nails so much! So cute!

    I hope your neck gets better soon!

  3. hope your neck gets better!=)

    I love this design,its just so cool!

  4. Haha super cute! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. those nails are my favorite so far!

    (i have chronic neck spasms and go to an acupuncturist - chiropractors scare me. i'm not sure if you've tried yet, but it's the only thing that helps me.)

  6. Hey, Fabric week has probably been my favourite nail designs in the whole blog. :)
    It's really inspired me to do more nail designs like it. Ive been a sneaky follower for a while now.

    hope your neck gets better soon

    Heather x

  7. Re: neck/shoulder

    Alternate between heat and ice. It'll feel better faster. So 20 mins of heat, then 20 mins of an ice pack. Repeat.
    It always works for me.

  8. These would be absolutely perfect for the week leading up to Halloween.


  9. I am in love with these nails! I think this is my favourite design you've done so far! So incredibly cute!

  10. Love the tweaker owls! ;)

    May I suggest a French theme for tommorow, and I am not talkin a french manicure. July 14th is Bastille Day! Eiffel Tower, Baguettes, Croissants, Oooh la la! :)

  11. These nails are adorable!!!! I LOVE the fabric- why can I never find fabric that cool? SO CUTE!!!! I like your owls best; some of them look a little like they just woke up from an owl nap-but not tweaked. (well, except that one...)
    Plus, I agree with what Alexandra, biggerkrissy, and bpddjeoomon say about the neck/shoulder stuff! And acupuncture is the ONLY thing that has helped me with chronic sinus problems/allergies (after countless drugs and other crap) - so I think it's absolutely wonderful! Glad to hear it's getting better! We'll all keep sending you "happy neck and shoulder" vibes!

  12. This is so adorable, I LOVE owls! :D

  13. Oh WOW you copied it REALLY well! You are so talented!

  14. You know, I like your owls better than the owls on the fabric. They seem to be the same drawing, repeated with different colors. Your owls have more personality, even if one seems sad, and another looks like he's tweaking!

  15. i love this!!! i found your blog from noah's book. i saw this fabric a while ago but couldn't think of anything to make, then i saw it on etsy and bought a keychain made with it...this is AWESOME! -heidi/asnailaday


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