Retro Fruits

Today brings the renewal of FABRIC WEEK!! :-P I bought the fabric that inspired today's manicure because of its bold colors and graphic retro imagery. I love it!! :) Today in Vegas is HOT. ugh! I did score a super sweet find at the Antiques Mall though- a zippered leather case in the shape of the sole of a shoe, it's about an 1" thick, and when you unzip it? LEATHER SLIPPERS!!! They're so rad, and they fit like Cinderella's, so of course it was fate, and I had to own them. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow. It's awesome. I'm trying to figure out who made them, the logo is gone, but the faint imprint of 'MILANO NEW YORK LONDON PARIS' is still visible in gold. Dunno, but they're rad, and they were cheap and in great condition!

The fabric inspiration:

The nails:

I used American Apparel Cotton as a base, with a mixture of China Glaze Salsa and CND Electric Orange for the red, MAC Showy for the dark brown, Pure Ice Wild Thing for the lighter green, L.A. Girl Army Green for the darker green, China Glaze Flyin' High for the teal, and American Apparel Manila for the yellow. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.


  1. I' dont speak english very weel, but i' like so much of your job, that i' decided make a comment.
    kisses, and sorry for some mistake :)

  2. Loving your fabric inspired designs! I just moved to Apple Valley, so can relate with your weather!

  3. their work and beautiful. where you are looking so much inspiration
    translated text

  4. Love this! So childish and fun! And I mean that in a good way LOL!
    Summery and fun! <3

  5. AWESOME!! Again - spot on with the colors.

  6. Oh my god this is so great I love it! Keep up with the fabrics :)

    How was the movie and did anyone notice your nails??

  7. this is uber cute!

    Xx Nazneen


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