Reader Nail Art Week - Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of Reader Nail Art Week!  Today is the last day to get your submissions in!! Don't forget - I'm posting EVERY design I get (except for multiple entries in a day), so if you don't see yours, make sure you emailed it to the correct address! :)

Today we have pop culture, halloween, food, and country inspired nails! Rock on!! :D


• No cell phone pictures
• Images must not be larger than 1000 pixels wide
• Any designs are OK
• Only one submission will be accepted per day (please don't mail multiple entries in one email)
• International entries welcome!
• Have fun!
• Send to ONLY. These are the ONLY submissions I will accept.

Gangham Style - Mahima S

I was inspired by a cutepolish YouTube tutorial.

Cupcakes - The Nailist of

This one I called 'Cupcakes and dreams'.My inspiration was basically a love of cupcakes and the hope of one day owning a nail salon/cupcake shop! I also love using a palette of colours and then do a different design on each hand.

Mrs. Frankenstein - Dahlia of

Ginger Pumpkin - Unicorngirl of

I was inspired by Ulta Ginger Peach, a subtly pearly polish that looks pink in some light and orange in others. I kept wanting to call it Ginger Pumpkin, which sounds like a fabulous dessert, so I made a manicure surrounding it for Halloween.  This is my first time using a brush to make the jack-o-face!

Cookie Monster - Carolina L.

I got inspired by cutepolish tutorial on Youtube.

Glitter - April S.

I made these with just ordinary craft glitter glued on with nail glue. Had to use plenty of top coats!! Inspired by Bring that Bling

Back to School -

I decided to submit my back to school manicure, which was inspired by The Daily Nail itself!  The pencil was taken from the tutorial for pencil nails, and the apple was from a cutepolish design.  Then I just brainstormed other back-to-school type things for the other nails.  I really loved this manicure and I think it's one of my best ones so far.

Colour Block - Anid Harker of

I got the colour block idea from fashion in general (I think), and then just worked with whatever polishes I had right then for the colour choice.

Fireworks - Laura N

I've seen fireworks done countless times and decided I'd give it a try myself! The best part is if you don't do every line perfect it still looks pretty good haha

Oh Canada! -

I am currently doing a Where In The World challenge with a few other bloggers, where we do nail art inspired by different countries around the world. This was inspired by the Canadian Mounties uniform and the thumb is, of course, the maple leaf from the Canadian flag. The beauty of this challenge is that anyone can join at any time and go at their own pace, so everyone is welcome to join us.

Only one more chance to get your nail art featured on The Daily Nail!  Hurry! :D


  1. Thanks again for posting my design. Just a slight error on my url.. it's

    Thanks! X

  2. So many beautiful designs!

    I love the cupcakes, fireworks and Cookie Monster.

    1. Thanks Lindsay. Just had a look at your blog - loving the wolf nails!

  3. these are all well done and super cute! i love the Canadian one :)

  4. these are all well done and super cute! i love the Canadian one :)

  5. Back to school and fire works...So cute! Nice work ladies.

  6. Yay! Thank you so much Melissa for featuring my picture on your blog! I came home from a long and hard day and this post made me really happy!


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