Reader Nail Art Week - Day 4

Day 3 of Reader Nail Art Week has skulls, and zombies and studs! Some great ideas guys- keep those submissions coming!!


• No cell phone pictures
• Images must not be larger than 1000 pixels wide
• Any designs are OK
• Only one submission will be accepted per day (please don't mail multiple entries in one email)
• International entries welcome!
• Have fun!
• Send to ONLY. These are the ONLY submissions I will accept.

Sugar Skulls - Charleen G. of

I've been so inspired by your nail art designs in the past years. I really started getting into nail art because of your designs, so thank you for being you!

Valentine's - Dil K. of

I did this design earlier this year for Valentine's Day! I was inspired by watercolour backgrounds and added some hearts to make it more Valentine-y. It's not really supposed to be anything, just sweet pink and full of hearts.

Candy Calculators - Jasmine of

I wanted to try a rainbow manicure, but I didn't want to go plain. I saw my sister's orange calculator. I thought, "Hm. Why not?" So bam, candy calculator nails! I hope you like my nerdy nail art. :)

Colourblock - Christine

My name is Christine and this is my 1st time entering a nail art contest so I thought what a good time to do it because I love your blog. I'm all the way from South Africa and this is my work of art entitled Colourblock.

Keep Calm and Carry On - Bailey Y

I love doing nail art and I'm always browsing pinterest, blogs, etc. for inspiration and I realized that I had never seen "keep calm and carry on" nails. I LOVE the keep calm and carry on posters, so I decided to give it a shot and these are what I came up with :)

What a Stud - Kelli of

I was inspired to do this design when my nail studs finally arrived in the mail. I started with one of my favorite neons: China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy and added studs. Then my grandmother told me I needed to add glitter! And viola, this totally studly manicure was born.  The next day I went to Disneyland and I found out that this design looked awesome under black light!

Fall Mosaics - Whitney of

 call these fall mosaics! The inspiration behind them was (again) the China Glaze On Safari collection... I seriously can't get enough of these colors, I think I have a problem. They're just so amazing and they all go so well together. I used 11 of the 12 colors in the collection for these nails! I think they look kinda like stained glass, too. I painted the glitter on first and then freehanded the shapes on top of it to create the mosaic effect. Glitter makes everything better, in my opinion.

Zombie Nails - Marcela of

These are my zombie nails. I was inspired first by your Let it slide manicure, in which instead of doing the super cute Halloween nail art you went for ugly and disgusting, and that's super cool! Then I saw Samarium's blog where she created ugly dirty zombie nails. I think these two manicures are more Halloween-ish than the cute pumpkin patch ones. And I kinda like when people ogle my nails in utter disgust.

Brown Stripes - Sam of

I wanted to create a manicure using OPI's lovely chocolatey-brown Over The Taupe.  I thought blue would go nicely with it, and this manicure was born!

Amsterdam - Essi of

I made these nails for my trip to Amsterdam with my mom. The idea isn't the most original, just the flags of the city and the country, but I like how these turned out anyway :)

30 Rock - Julie M.

Inspired by the show 30 Rock, my left hand shows some Night Cheese, Jack's Suit, Frank's Hat, and the TGS logo!

Backwards Poem - Laura N.

Did these for a Creative Project for an English class. It goes along with a nonsense folktale... poem.
"One bright day in the middle of the night,
two dead boys got up to fight,
back to back they faced eachother,
drew their swords and shot eachother."

Love all the submissions guys! Keep up the awesome work!! :)


  1. Re: the Backwards Poem... I learned it from my dad like this:
    One dark night in the middle of the day
    Two dead boys got up to play.
    Back to back, they faced each other
    Drew their swords and shot each other.
    A deaf policeman heard the noise;
    Came and killed those two dead boys.

  2. I can't believe it. My nails are on The Daily Nail. That alone makes me feel like a winner.

  3. So stoked, thanks Melissa for posting my pics!

  4. Thanks so much for posting my designs, made my day :)


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