Reader Nail Art Week - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Reader Nail Art Week!

There has been some confusion that I'd like to clear up.

Submission Guidelines:

• Must be no larger than 1000 pixels wide
• Can be any theme, from your blog, etc. They do not need to be new designs for this contest. (but it'd be cool, right?)
• International entries are welcome!
• Only one submission per day will be accepted. Please send your entries each day to
• Have fun!
• If possible, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT use cell phone pictures or blurry pictures. I will no longer accept them.
• If you were inspired by another artist's design, please credit them in your inspiration blurb.(credit by blog name, not 'Google Images')

OK, now that the not fun stuff is over, lets get to those nails!  (Check them out after the jump!)

Zombie Nails - Nathalie R.

I wanted to share these Zombie nails I did. I know they're fake nails... But I did them for a zombie costume for my sister. I had never worked with false nails before but I couldn't rip up my own and give them to my sis! All I used was a kit of cheap french mani false nails, one red polish, a cheap dark brown polish and an old sponge cut in small pieces. With scissors I destroyed the fake nails. I then scratched the surface to give them texture. Applied red polish on tip of nails and underneath on the edges where your skin would be. I painted heavily a piece of black sponge and cut it in small pieces, let them drop on the nails and then applied with a sponge ( this time a makeup sponge) a thin layer of dirt brown polish. Finished with a thick layer of clear top coat.

Voila! Horrible, creepy, disgusting nails and an horrified but happy sister!

Snakeskin Nails - Emi of

I was inspired by some Sally Hansen nail strips, but figured I could do the same thing myself
with stamping. This is Wet n Wild Black Creme over China Glaze Immortal.

Finding Nemo - Tanya R

A "Finding Nemo" nail design requested by my friend who loves the movie :{D This was mostly inspired by the Finding Nemo nails done by The Daily Nail, but I changed them to make it a bit easier. I did one of the sharks, Dory, Nemo (of course) and some jellyfish.

Cat Manicure - Alexis of

I was inspired by my three cats! Left to right is Tiff, Suzie and our baby Ruby. It's all freehand using regular nail polish.

Fuzzy Toys - Shruthi M

This one was inspired by a trip to China. I saw some cute little fuzzy toys and tried it on my nails =) i liked it !

Floating lanterns from Tangled - Vicky of

An oldie, but a proud turning point in my nail art. Inspired by the beautiful floating lanterns scene in Disney's Tangled.

Futuristic Autumn Vibes - Whitney of

my inspiration behind these nails was that I recently bought the whole China Glaze On Safari collection and I'm so in love with all the colors that I've been doing a series of nail art using only those colors. So basically just that I wanted to use these two colors and I wanted to try striping tape for the first time haha! I drew out a few patterns that I wanted to do with the tape and then made up some more as I went along. The base color is Prey Tell and the glitter is I Herd That.

Rainbows & Sunshine - Sam of

my inspiration was the beauty of rainbows and sunshine, and half moon manicures. I'm kind of obsessed with rainbows... I actually had rainbow hair for nearly a year, which was a lot of fun, and I've been wearing them and using them as inspiration for art, makeup and, yes, nails among other things for about five years now. I hope you like my nail art. I'm really proud of it :)

Mr. Snowman - Laura Nanni

Just a tad out of season, but I loved doing this one. I came up with this idea about this time last year and had to wait two months to actually do them. He's so festive!

Who Ya Gonna Call - Alexandria of

These are inspired by ghostbusters, I have their logo on my middle finger and green slime on the rest.

Dr. Who - Rebecca of

My inspiration for this design was Doctor Who, which is a TV program that I have been watching since it first came back on to UK screens a few years ago. The new series started around the time I did these nails, so I figured it appropriate to do nails with a Doctor Who theme. From index to ring finger there is a fez, a sonic screwdriver and the Doctor's suit (with a bow tie, because bow ties are cool).

Her Dog Bambi - Mariana of

My inspiration for this manicure was my dog Bambi. On that day for the 31 day challenge we were supposed to do something inspired by a movie so I saw this as my chance to pay tribute to Bambi by doing a Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 inspired manicure. Not that I've actually seen the movie, but it's not like that was one of the requirements. My pinky, ring, middle and pointer are all random prints that I would imagine a rich Chihuahua would wear or use to decorate her dog mansion and my thumb is the silhouette of that well-dressed Chihuahua. :)

Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show - Anid Harker of

For this mani, my main inspiration was this music video (hence the title): I just got obsessed with the way they did "pastel goth". I got more details for the inspiration from the singer's clothing line.

Orange Leopard Print - Julia of

My inspiration came from a photo I saw on the internet.

Cats on Cats on Cats! - Yasmin of

I wanted to do a new twist on tipped nails and I've seen quite a lot of animal nails recently so I thought I'd have a go at putting your local neighbourhood cats on my nails!

Under the Sea - Naomi H. of

This one I call Under the Sea inspired my the movie The Little Mermaid that is a favourite with my two nieces.

Frankenstein - Polished of

My inspiration for this manicure was Frankenstein! I wanted to do a Halloween-inspired design, and I thought, what better to do than Frankenstein! So on three of my fingers, we have a lime green base with black stitching, and the other two nails are what I'm calling, a "reverse Frankenstein." I hope you like it!!


  1. It's so exciting to see my design up there. :D
    Also, seeing all these cat manicures makes me want to bust out my nail polish! :3

  2. So fun to see my Zombie Nails on your blog! All designs are great. Specially the Cats on Cats! Wow

  3. when entering what do I write for "how would i like to be credited?"


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