Reader Nail Art Week - Day 1

Hi all! Today is the first day of Reader Nail Art week! :)  Today's entries include some super cool nails, some cute nails, and some creepy nails perfect for Halloween!! Great work ladies!

Check out the reader submissions below and their inspiration in their own words! :)


Blue & Taupe Tribal nails - Naomi H. of

My inspiration for this piece was tribal nail art. I was doing this for the 31 days nail art challenge and I didn't want to to anything like the regular tribal prints. I just started off with a taupe colour literally called The Taupe from NYX cosmetics and just freehand it from there. Using acrylic paints the design just happened as I was painting. At first I thought it looked awful but i was not going to start off so I decided to make it work but adding on more stuff and poof out came this gorgeous design which i am truly proud of.

Pandamonium - Hannah M. of

Inspired by cotton buds, I thought when dipped in polish they'd probably be fuzzy like ears!

M&M - Sarah W. of

Obviously (as you can probably tell by the photo), the inspiration was M&M's, the peanut kind, again, obviously !

Cat Claws - Elisabeth H.

I got inspired by my black cat "frodo", when I picked up his "nails?" from the carpet and I wanted to make a nail art with this :-)

Snow White - Heather E.

Disney Princess Inspired Nails

Dotticure - Kellyne W. of

My inspiration was that I had a bunch of new butter LONDON polishes, and I like the way the colors contrast together.

Zombie - Delainie G. of

These are nails inspired by your "I'm Going To Let It Slide" nails/tutorial. I used the idea to create what my nails would look like if I were a zombie.  (TDN NOTE: I the dirt, it really adds to the zombie effect!>

Toy Story - Lina P. of

Toy Story nail art, my inspiration, the classic Toy Story cloud background and a funny character, the little green alien toy.

Floral Dress - Fiona M.

I pretty much just based my nails on my senior sail dress since it was the reason why I was painting them haha! The two accent nails are painted to match the flower design/colours on my dress (:

Keep those submissions coming! Anything goes, there is no theme, no time limit on how old they can be! International submissions are eligible too! :D


  1. they sure are lovely....i like the first one...:)


  2. How do I enter? Where do I send my pic :)

  3. Ohhhhhhhhh thanks so much for posting my tribal nail art design! This post literally made me squeal in delight!

  4. Thanks for posting up my zombie nails!! Glad you liked the dirt touch just as much as I did.. plus.. playing with dirt - fun!!

  5. Those are awesome. I LOVE THAT! Why don't we be online friend?
    I also have good pictures of nails! :>


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