Reader Nail Art Week - Day 5

Wow- Day 5 already! Today we have beloved cartoon characters, abstracts, dotting and pop art legends!


• No cell phone pictures
• Images must not be larger than 1000 pixels wide
• Any designs are OK
• Only one submission will be accepted per day (please don't mail multiple entries in one email)
• International entries welcome!
• Have fun!
• Send to ONLY. These are the ONLY submissions I will accept.

Mix & Math - Jasmine of

I wanted to try the pencil nail art by cutepolish (TDN Note- cutepolish's pencil tutorial was inspired by my I've Gotta Go No. 2 design :)), when a friend showed me a picture of notebook paper nail art. A formula was written on each nail. So I tried my hand at combining the two ideas (with a few more ideas thrown in). And... Well, this happened!

Helly Kitty - Grace P

These are my Hello Kitty nails, they were inspired by my daughters bathrobe, she loved them so much I painted hers in a similar way, though those lasted about 2 hours on my 6 year old.

Abstract Nails - Kirsty of

I don't really have a specific inspiration for this mani. I couldn't decide what colour to use so I grabbed a few bottles of polish and hey presto, this colourful abstract design appeared!

Gold & Black - Alexis of

I was suffering from some nail art block and decided to take a look in my jewellery draw for inspiration, I found lots of black and gold with studs and skulls! I did this freehand using regular nail polish and the gradients were done using the kitchen sponge technique.

Purple Drips - M of

Pop Art - Lola

I love pop art, so this design is inspired by Andy Warhol's paintings: Campbell's tomato soup, Marilyn Monroe, the Brillo box, coke bottle and his signature on the little finger.

Dotted - Gin of

I made this mani, then I saw your post and I think it's perfect for the occasion! it has all of my favorite polishes in so I wanted to share this with you or possibly with your followers :)

Black & White - Christine M

These are my Madeline Poole inspired nails. i also love the simplicity of black & white.
They were created using a tooth pick because dotting tools and nail art brushes are hard to come by in South Africa.

Autumn Stripes - Anita W.

Calvin & Hobbes - Vicky of

A tribute to my favourite comic by Bill Watterson. He speaks for the inner child in all of us!

Braided Design - The Nailist of

I saw the braided technique on a YouTube tutorial, it was one of those afternoons where you just go on to YouTube to find one thing and before you know it a whole 4 hours of your life has disappeared! I love metallics and I think the combo is really striking.

Roller Coaster Tycoon - Laura N.

One day I was going through my old computer games and found this and started playing and eventually I got this idea! I started on it right away, the hardest part was choosing which icons to use!

Great job everyone!! So awesome to have such talented readers!! :)


  1. so pretty ^____^


  2. Oh dear Lord! My nails are on your blog..I think I might faint :P Thanks! :)
    I love the braided nail aswel :) x

  3. Thanks so much for posting my design! Everyone's are amazing... giving me lots of inspiration x

  4. TNX a milion for postin me!!! And i thought i coudn't love this blog any more then i did ;)



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