Reader Nail Art Week - Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Reader Nail Art Week!

Keep those submissions coming to!!

Check out all the awesome reader submissions after the jump!! :)

The Little Mermaid - Becky of

The inspiration for this design was my favourite Disney movie growing up, The Little Mermaid.

Dandelions - Lydia C. of

I was inspired by all the awesome tattoo's of dandelion's blowing in the wind and I decided to replicate that look on my nails. I used a skinny stripper brush with black nail polish and got to work painting my nails.

Phases of the Moon - Gaby T. of

This was inspired by a request on her blog.

The Giving Tree - Tanya Y. of

I was inspired by my favorite childhood book, The Giving Tree, for my nail art - I'm in love with the way it turned out! As soon as I received China Glaze's Electropop Collection, I knew I had to go crazy with the colors: here I'm using China Glaze's Gaga for Green as the base.  All hand painted, no acrylic paint used.  Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Fall Fires - Naomi H. of

It's a dry water marble using gorgeous fall inspired colors. This was my Inspired by color nail art challenge design.

Sunshine - Sam of

This manicure was my attempt to make up for the lack of sunshine in the UK this summer!

Hearts - Shruthi M 

This came to me when I was watching Alice in Wonderland! It's a simple drag marble using blood red and white nail polish.

Lace Nails - Emi of

I had no particular inspiration, I was playing with
stamping and loved how these turned out. This is Wet n Wild Black
Creme over OPI DS Classic.

Galaxy Nails - Camila A

These nails were inspired by a YouTube tutorial she saw.

Mummy Nails - Dahlia of

Galaxy Nails - Sydney

I got this beautiful image of space for my wallpaper, so I thought it would be perfect to try my first galaxy manicure! I grabbed several colors, a makeup sponge, and went to town. I'm so happy with how it turned out.

Mod Flowers - Sarah W. of

The inspiration is of course, the one and only, The Daily Nail and her awesome nail designs! (TDN NOTE: YAY!! Thanks!! They look awesome!)

Golf - Karishma S

These nails were inspired by golf!

Green Stripes - Olga K

This design was inspired by japanese nail art magazines that I recently discovered. I was amazed how different their nail fashion trends are from those in Europe and USA - abstract designs, different for each nail, lots of big rhinestones and 3D decorations. I loved it so much that I immediately decided to create my own interpretation of that funky style!


Great job everyone!! :)


  1. The Giving Tree nails are my favorite!

  2. oh my gosh i loved the giving tree ones!! i love that book

  3. i also liked the sunshine ones too!


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