Moonicure Monday - What a Slimeball!

Ever have one of those days? I did today. lol

Today I had to go to the FRRO (Foreign Resident Registration Office) here in Chennai to apply for my visa extension. Sweet holy hell, whoever thought that place up is a sadist. You go from sitting in a row of chairs (then everyone stands up and moves to the next chair when someone gets to go to the next room), to a room where you do the chair thing again. A lady (or man) looks at your papers, writes some stuff, sends you to another room where you AGAIN do the chair thing. When you get to the front of that queue, that person looks at your papers, writes some more stuff, sends you back to the first room (again doing the chair thing). That person looks at your same papers once more, gives you a token, where you go back to the other room again and wait for your number to be called. Heaven forbid you have some odd piece of paperwork missing that the people in legal didn't give you (because they didn't know you needed it- I swear the process changes daily). What? Someone from the office brought you the paperwork within 45 minutes? You want to hand it over now? Nope, sorry. Your new appointment is in 3 days. Come back then. *SCREAM*. After about 6.5 hours of that, I got to go to the office. :D

That was my day. When I got home, I literally tried 6 different designs for Moonicure Monday, which all failed. (Even the simplest one ever- newsprint transfer!) Now, I've been wanting to use this Cult Nails Deal With It polish for ages. (On my fingernails - it's been on my toes for weeks!!) This is a super awesome and fairly unique polish that is a perfect color for slime. I figured- Halloween? Slime? Yep, I'm in. :) Not my best attempt, but I still love the slime part! lol I hope Coco approves of my use of her polish creation! :-P

What do you think?

I used:

Light Grey: Nubar Marble Tower
Black: Cult Nails Nevermore
Green: Cult Nails Deal With It
Basecoat: Cult Nails Get it On
Topcoat:  Seche Vite + Cult Nails Wicked Fast


  1. He..he..he... maybe you should have worn your Ogre manicure and scared them into giving you the approval :)

  2. Wow that's an efficient way of losing time there! I am sorry for you! Have you noticed nail art is like bakery? You need to be in a good mood or good spirits for doing a good thing, otherwise your skills seem to lessen, and that only makes you nervous! You made your way through it though, those nails look fab! The drips are totally "realistic".

  3. hi, this manicure remeber me of the childhood from my twins, they loved this green slime :-)


  4. you have done wonders with this moonicure concept. I love how simple this one is, but I must say the original moon moonicure and the boobies were my favorites! What are you going to do on Halloween? I'm so curious!

  5. I like! Has a Ghostbustersie feel to it.

  6. oh i deal with it makes for perfect slime!!! FRRO sounds like hell, sorta reminded me of the scene in beetlejuice when they're waiting to go to the afterlife... hah but like 100 times worse.

  7. I love the slime polish too!!!! :)

  8. Just great! Love the slimy so works for a ghoulish looking mani.


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