Rise and Shine!

This morning I was up bright and early, 5 a.m. to be exact! :-D Mind you, I'm not up that early usually, but this morning I got a call from Pakistan!! A while back, VJ Sehrish, a lovely woman who hosts a show on Pakistani TV network ARY Musik, called 'Girls Rupublic', contacted me about being a guest (via phone) on her show. Of COURSE I said yes, I mean, how cool is that?! It still amazes me that people from so far away follow my blog...and like it! :-P So anyway, in honor of my phone chat with VJ Sehrish on her show, I did Girls Republic nails! On the Thumb is the Girls Republic logo, on the index and pinky finger I did super glittery pink nails, on the middle finger nail, is (obviously) the American flag (to represent me), and the flag of Pakistan on the ring finger (to represent Sehrish!) :).

I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud as a base for the thumb and middle fingers, butter LONDON Rosie Lee as a base for the index and pinky fingers, and CND Green Scene for the ring finger. For the crescent and star on the ring finger, I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud, for the American flag, I used Nubar Sexy Red for the stripes, ALDO Sea You in Ibiza for the blue. For the Girls Republic logo, I used American Apparel Berry for the darker berry color, and Sally Hansen Vavoom Violet Creme for the hot pink. For the darker pink glitter on the tips of the index and pinky, I used Nubar Petunia Sparkle. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Thank you VJ Sehrish!!


  1. Who would have ever thought that nail art and nail polish could bring people from all over the world together. Just goes to show that maybe we aren't all that different after all.

  2. Whoa, I'm from Pakistan! Coolness, cause I get ARY musik. Hope to catch your segment. (:

  3. How in the world do you do that graduating color on the nails? It's GORGEOUS! TUT PLEASE! =D

  4. Gostei mais do dedinho e do indicador...Lindos!


  5. oh em geee....i am in love with the super sparkly index and pinky nails!!!!! I want to do them so badly. Gosh your talent never ceases to amaze me! :)

  6. Congrats on being a guest for an interview! What a thoughtful mani. This is something that is a bow to our international nail lovers.

  7. Wow that's so amazing. :)

    And the nails are really cool too!

  8. Just curious - what kind of "tools" do you use? Brushes? Dotting tools of some sort? LOVE the nails, btw!


  9. even after your 100th mark, still, you never fail to amaze us! Keep it up! =)

  10. I love it! That's awesome that you got interviewed by a Pakistani show!

  11. Dont worry....u've got many pakistani fans out here...I'll definitely look out for u on that program!

  12. Not only from Pakistan, but from Brazil too!

    Graças a você, descobri que posso fazer arte até nas unhas.


  13. We love you so much!
    You've got fans all over the world, but Im sure this call from Pakistan was a real surprise :)
    I'll look forward to catching you on the show. Any idea when it airs?
    Totally loving the Pakistani flag on your nails!!

    You really need to do a post on all your tools, like ALL of them

  14. Hello! i'm an italian blogger; here i write about you blog


    hope you like!


  15. sorry the correct address is


    your nails are gorgeous!

  16. Hey I loved you on Sehrish's show! I wish we could have asked you questions in person. How do you take care of your nails after putting nail polish for so many years?
    I'm Amna

  17. WOWwww Now this is Awesome! Being a Pakistani it feels great.I'm truly loving my COUNTRY flag as it's representing my VJ Sehrish so it feels more than great I mean I've no words.Also liking Girls Republic logo.THANK YOU Melissa for making Pakistani flag and yes you're right SEHRISH IS A LOVELY WOMEN!:)
    Safa here

  18. i am from pakistan and just feeling gr8 after seening that pakistani flag
    that is just gr8,u r amazing
    i like all ur patterns

  19. Hey! I loved your show on girls republic :) ur meni rocks!
    just wanna know the tools!
    Fizza :)


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