Now and Venn

Gotta love nerdy nails, today's nail art is math nerd nails, they're an interpretation of Venn diagrams! It's kind of a different interpretation of a moon manicure too! Even though this manicure was/is suuuuuper simple, I keep finding myself looking at it! If you want to try it yourself, you can use any colors, but sheerer colors work best!!

I used Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud as a base, with Color Club Pure Energy and Nubar Sexy Red. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Off to bed!


  1. *cackles gleefully* As soon as I read the title, I started wondering how the hell you were gonna do Venn diagrams, and then there you go and do them! Makes me want to do this sort of mod-inspired, multi-nail mural with different intersecting circles and call it Venn-inspired.

    Or something.

    See what I mean? I look at your stuff and the ideas just start running out my ears because they've overflowed my brain!

  2. lol, wear these nails to a science convention, youll draw all the nerds to you like magic...

  3. Dude, I hated venn diagrams when I was a kid.
    But these ones are awesome! This reminds me a little of those 3-D glasses that were blue and red apparently for no reason because now they're black and work just as well.
    But I'm getting off topic, so nice nails!! Um..good night too! *shuts up*

  4. I LOVE nerd nails! How about some Chuck nails?

  5. Venn diagrams were perfect! I'll try to play on my fingernail: D
    Why does a model full of hearts? aaaaah, I love your drawings!

  6. This completely reminds me of the Valvoline logo.... but I see the venn diagrams too!!

  7. My thought was the additive primaries or RGB colour model; red green blue, but then red and blue would have made magenta. As if that's any less nerdy...

    This looks great regardless of what nerds it was to appeal to :)

  8. lol! like you called them "nerdy nails" :D

  9. I started to cackle wildly when I saw this post, then started hacking because I am hella sick. Bleh, love the nails, hate my cold.

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