I Have the Power(Book)

I've made no secret what a huge Apple dork I am, so today's nail art should be no surprise. I decided to do nail art inspired by my trusty 7 year old Apple PowerBook Aluminum. (it's slow as hell, is missing an 'f' key, the 'd' key only works on occasion, and the case is separating from the right side bottom, but it still works, and I use it daily!) It's kind of hard to see the white apple logo on the aluminum colored background in the photos, but it's easier in person. I'm not happy with how this turned out, it was hard to get the white to be opaque, so it looks gloopy, which I hate.

I used China Glaze Millennium as a base, with Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud for the Apple logo. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Vive le Apple!


  1. i like the way the apples turned out. they remind me of the stickers that came with my macbook. :))

  2. yay for the apple! :-)
    I love your blog, you have inspired a whole lot of my manicures and pedicures for the past year. I always tell people where I found the ideas, and tell them to check out your blog. Keep up the awesome work!!

  3. appppleeeeeeeee *sings some silly tune*
    I've dreamt about macbook for years, but happey with my ipod alone and that's that :D
    hey, and how do you type the "f" then? *scratches head*

    I love the mani! I guess I'll steal your idea to make a tribute to my ipods back <3 ;) (sure I'll credit you!)

  4. Cute mani - I converted to a Macbook last year and have zero regrets! I was just saying last week, my work PC in the last year has gone sluggish and has had so many issues, my Mac still boots in the less than 10 seconds and is amazing! I will never buy a PC again! 7 years though! Mac needs to gift you a new one!

  5. Love it! my macbook is my bff. lol ;)

  6. This is too cute! I adore my Mac too <3

  7. <3 it! ... and im still using my powerbook too... STILL with its original power cord (its about to kick the bucket tho). mines not so slow, since i upgraded it a few years back, but pretty sure the screen is about to go, and my "u" button works occasionally. ... oh, and the battery is completely shot. .. but woot woot for the apple fans! ;)

  8. i too, happen to work on a trusty old powerbook g4 thats over 5 years old... now missing the deleate key, cd drive doesnt work and i cant see the lowermost third of my screed becase the aluminum case is loose, thereby messing with the display on random occassions... of course the battery doesnt hold a charge for a single second either,

    but guess what it got me through 3+ years of a graphic design bfa assignments and now it allows me to read and write papers for my advertising degree.

    i hate white nail polish for the same reason, its either too trasnlucent or too goopy when opaque. but at least the metallic works...:)

    my power cord has burnt a scar in my thigh from getting too hot, and one time i used the sally hensen manicure white tip pen, to draw a mac on my skin to commemorate my commitment. :)

  9. Hehe, I like it! I'm hoping to get a Macbook before I go off to college next year. :)


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