Let Down Your Hair!

I'm sure that if you watch TV at all, you've been seeing commercials for a little movie called 'Tangled' by a small, up-and-coming film company called 'Disney'. ;) For those living in a cave, Tangled is a movie about the story of Rapunzel, and is an animated feature. I was lucky enough to get a couple of advance tickets to it tonight, so of course my roommate and I went. (along with 2 medium (read: gallon sized) sodas, and a large tub of popcorn with layered butter) I have to say, the movie was adorable, and I highly recommend checking it out when it comes out November 24!

For today's nail design, I did the tower from the movie with Rapunzel's hair flowing out of the window onto the other 4 nails.

I used American Apparel Manila as a base for the hair nails, with American Apparel Manila and MAC Brown Bag marbled over it. For the tower nail, I used Zoya Yummy as a base, with Orly Mirror, Mirror as a base for the tower, shaded with Essence Pointbreak, and highlighted with American Apparel Cotton. For the roof, I used American Apparel Mount Royal and Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme for the wood beams. For the greenery for the background and growing up the tower, I used Zoya Shawn. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat. Sorry it looks a little bubbly, my seche is getting ollllld and cloudy. Time for a new bottle!

BTW, for those that are like me....there's nothing after the credits. We waited. lol


  1. This mani is cute cute!! The water marble really works to suggest flowing hair. I like it a lot!
    It sucks there's nothign after the credits. wW always wait to see if there's an Easter egg. Ah well...

    I love animation, so much that we're going to the Red Stick International Animation Festival tomorrow! (And Friday and Saturday!) We've been going for like the last 6 years, and we LOVE it!I think they're screening this there, so I'll think of you when we go!

    I was going to do a RSIAF mani tonight, but realized I'm too damn tired, so I went with a blood red and may paint the stick man from the logo tomorrow.

  2. i'm going to watch it from your recommendation !!! yay!

  3. Here in Brazil we call the "fingernails marble," was beautiful!

    Could seguir.Já followed you.

  4. Girl..you are good. Every time I see your new nail pictures I squeal like a girl!! (for the record I am a girl) You are truly amazing.

  5. I say the same Dye-A-Graham did: you are good!
    Loved these today nails!

  6. have you tried seche restore? usually halfway through a bottle i need the restore to bring the vite back to life!

  7. How many bottles of seche vite have you gone through this year? :D

  8. Really want to see Tangled! Saw the trailer for it while waiting for another movie to start, looked awesome. :) And I always wait for the credits to finish, so thanks for the tip!

    Really cool mani! The marbling looks so pretty.

  9. wow that tower, how can you make so many details on a little nail! i'd love to see that movie

  10. I watched Tangled the other day. Loved it! The animals were hilarious as well! Thanks to you, I'm going to do a Tangled inspired nails too! Just something simple though :)


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