Friday, December 25, 2009

Dasher and Dance, Donner and Blitzen...

Day 73

Hey everyone!! I hope that everyone is having the most amazing Christmas to date! Mine started off with a 4-hour (should've been 3) white-knuckled drive across snow and ice covered Michigan fueled only by Dr. Pepper and a gas station hot dog. :-P But, i made it here, safe and sound, and it has been nice to spend time with my family this Christmas- I've even posted a picture of my 'niece' wearing her special Christmas elf hat to be festive for the holidays...

Today's nails are dedicated to the man that hit over 800 houses per second, and consumed over 800,000 calories last night from cookies...and let's not forget his trusty reindeer and faithful navigator with the illuminated nose....I really apologize for it's sloppiness and lack of cleaning up, the nail polish remover I have here at my parents' house is horrible, and I can't get the polish out of my nail art brushes. ARGH!! I'm going to try to get something better tomorrow. Anyway, to the nails...

I used three different colors randomly on all the nails except my right thumb. I used Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme, OPI You Don't Know Jacques, and OPI Ginger Bells. For the eyes I used China Glaze White on White, and China Glaze Liquid Leather. For their noses (except Rudolph's) I used Zoya Angelina, and mixed with China Glaze White on White for the highlight. For Rudolph's nose, I used China Glaze Salsa. For the black on each nail to make the shape of the reindeers' heads, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather. A mix of two not-named jelly polishes in sheer red and sheer yellow (a VERY cute gift from my friend Jodi) was used for Santa's face, China Glaze Salsa for his hat and mouth, China Glaze White on White for the beard, eyes, and hat brim, and Ultra Pro in Blue Blaze for the eyes. For the reindeers' antlers, I mixed China Glaze White on White with Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme. Topped everything off with Seche Vite top coat.

And lastly, here is the last of Christmas... a cake I decorated Wednesday night! :-P


  1. where is the picture?

  2. they're up now, I accidentally jumped the gun on the Publish Post button! :-P

  3. Hahaha, oh man, we were so on the same wave length. Love them! Merry Christmas!

  4. How cute is the dog aww! I like how you've added antlers to the reindeer, makes them look complete!

    Not only are you fab at nail design, you also decorate cakes? Now I am one jealous girl! I would love to do cake decorating, but knowing me I'd eat the cake before I'd finish :)

  5. That cake is hilarious. When I was a kid in school we had to write letters to Santa (I didn't ever believe in Santa Claus so I thought it was a pretty weird assignment), only my seven year old self spelled it "Satan".

    Your nails are adorable. I love the little antlers. I hope you had a great Christmas. My mom bought me a Konad Nail kit so I'm pretty excited.

  6. ewww did you use fondant?
    Your nails look great even without clean up. I love the antlers.

  7. This mani is great, your 'niece' dog is adorable, and your cake skills are awesome!

  8. aww... your 'niece' is so adorable!
    love the pattern!

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  10. Doggy nails! how cute! I love this pattern so much darling!


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