Purple Reigns

Day 61

Hi all! Today's nails are inspired by a design that was done by the lovely Deniz on her Emerald Sparkled blog. I used drastically different nail colors, but still a similiar design :) Hope she doesn't mind!!

My middle finger cuticle is red because I accidentally skinned it with a piece of plexiglass in chocolate class yesterday. It's sore. :(

I used China Glaze IDK as a base, with Zoya Pinta moon at the base of the nail, and China Glaze Sci Fi-Khrome stamped using Konad Plate m51.

Sorry tonight's nails are kinda late tonight, I don't really feel well today, so I've been sleeping trying to feel better. (Not working)


  1. I hope your finger (and you) feel better soon!

  2. How do you get your stampsing so clear? Mine alway smudges or has the extra polish from around the design on the plate.

  3. Oh, why should I mind such a gorgeous mani! Your version is so lovely =))) Thanks for mentioning my name, I'm blushing =) xoxo

  4. Gorgeous nails! The colors are so regal. Tres elegant!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Hi for all!
    It's hard to me write for you, but I will try.
    I'm brasilian, and i'm 13 years old, so I don't understand much of English.
    I'm following your blog, and I love it!
    Your designs are the best and i loved this one specially.
    Bye - bye, and good luck!
    Hope you are better!

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